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[Leaf 1 recto]

As in a Swoon.

As in a swoon, one instant,
Another sun, ineffable, full-dazzles
And all the orbs I knew, with
        brighter, unknown orbs, ^ten thousand fold,
One instant of the future land—
        Heeaven's land.
Is this [pub'd?]? is it in L of G—or annex?
[Leaf 1 verso]  

Whitman likely composed this manuscript between 1872 and 1876, after the publication of the 1872 edition of Leaves of Grass and before the poem's publication in the 1876 Leaves of Grass.
Editorial note
"As in a Swoon" was published first in the 1876 printing of Leaves of Grass. Though the poem was not included in any subsequent editions of Leaves, Whitman did include it in the 1891 volume Good-Bye My Fancy and as one of the few poems in the 1892 volume Complete Prose Works.
Two numbers are written on the verso in an unknown hand: "56" (top right corner), and "—5¾—" (top center).
As in a Swoon  |  Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
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