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  • 1 Fancies at Navesink
  • After the Supper and Talk
    You lingering sparse leaves of me
    Ah not that granite dead & cold
    You tides with ceaseless swell & ebb
    2 Last of ebb & daylight waning
    3 Proudly the flood comes in
    4 With every heaving wave—
    5 For last of all
    Fancies at Navesink
    The Pilot in the mist
    Had I the choice
    Ah, not this g

    Dating this manuscript is difficult. If one concludes that Whitman imagined the arrangement outlined here before the initial publication of the poems, then he probably wrote this manuscript in the first half of 1885, before he submitted "Fancies for Navesink" and "After the Supper and Talk" to W. H. Alden of Harper's (they were rejected). If, however, this list represents Whitman's ordering of poems for a cluster in a separate volume, like November Boughs (1888), then this manuscript could have been written between 1885 and 1888. The poems were never published in the order outlined in the manuscript.
    Editorial note
    Many of the poems listed belong to the eight-poem sequence "Fancies at Navesink," which was published first in Nineteenth Century in August 1885. "Ah, Not This Granite Dead and Cold" was published first on February 22, 1885, in the Philadelphia Press. The poem was later titled "Washington's Monument, February, 1885." "After the Supper and Talk" was published first in Lippincott's Magazine in November 1887. "You Lingering Sparse Leaves of Me" was published first in Lippincott's Magazine in November 1887.
    Notes written on manuscript
    In bottom margin, in unknown hand: (This was pasted on wrapper).
    Fancies at Navesink  |  Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
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