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[Leaf 1 recto]

[your needed blending discord‑parts]

As ne your needed blending discord‑parts
        join'd in offsetting
[Begin hashmark section]
But for your time,
        —your needed your part
—duly the hinge
[End hashmark section]
Really Duly [illegibile]?
And yet Nor you and yours the end, alone twilight
        and hurrying ebb
I see
But Nor these ^youe and yours you ye alone — ^twilight and hurrying ebb—nor
        ebb, nor tones of lost designs ^alone
        seeming seeming deep death alone, death seeming death murk alone, alone, nor failures aspirations
I know ^divine deceitful one shows ones ! through duly
        all thy your seeming glamour'sseeming
Many Through all the the discord parts that round Time's
Duly from you the inborne
        tides ^tide again—duly the —the swell the tones duly the
        hinge a‑twiningelate again—[man?]
(Many the discord parts to round Time's diapason)
(Duly to me from you [deletion,illegible]—from sleep
         Duly.[deletion,illegible] Night, ebbing tides ^—from all the liquid utterance there in the twilight ripples whispers —even
        from Death itself I hear
Your needed blended discord‑parts joined in offsetting
The A The rhythmus of life eternal.)
        as as needed blended discord parts blended discord parts
Many the parts discord parts to
         round the Time's diapason

Whitman probably composed this manuscript shortly before its publication in 1885.
Editorial note
This manuscript is a draft of the poem "And Yet Not You Alone," first published in the "Fancies at Navesink" sequence of poems in the August 1885 issue of Nineteenth Century.
Notes written on manuscript
In left margin, in unknown hand: 15.
your needed blending discord‑parts  |  Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
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