"I am not what you supposed, but far different"

Genders and Identities
in the Poetry of Walt Whitman

Who/What/Where is Walt Whitman?

Historical Contexts: Representing Men, Women and Sexuality in the 19th Century
Does Whitman Resist or Support the Prevailing Attitudes of His Time?  
Journey Into 19th-Century America and Make Your Own Comparisons...

Changing Bodies: Issues of Revision and Censorship
What Did Whitman Take Out and Put In and Why? 
Take a Look at Whitman's Manuscripts and Edit Whitman Yourself...

Boasting Identity: Performing Whitman/Performing Yourself
Is Whitman a Man?  Is He a Woman?  Is He Everybody?  Is He You?
Become Whitman For a Day and Find Out...

What's at Stake: A Teacher's Guide and a Theoretical Background to the Site
Includes Annotated Bibliography of Suggested Historical Documents and Criticism (Adventurous Students Welcome!)

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This website was first developed for Martha Nell Smith's Fall 1997 course on Dickinson and Whitman in Manuscript, Print, and Digital Cultures.