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Sunday, August 4, 1889

     Did not see Whitman today, but he went over proof-sheets I left with him and sent them up to my house by Ed. Made some funny corrections (?) in German headline to Bertz's piece. Sent along proof of bust with suggestion that it be thus superscribed— Print f'm plaster head
WALT WHITMAN in old age
By S H Morse f'm life

and around it all very minute description of arrangement and type he would suggest. Had tied all these together in a little package and written description of contents on outside. Had prepared size of card with minute instructions for Billstein. *(print 200 copies each card)—size of this white paper this sized card
card not very thick,—you are to adhere to this sized card through all the prints (as you will have several)
Use yr own judgment ab't color and other technicalities—make a good job of course
print the 3/4 standing figure same—(same sized card)
(They are all (will be 6 or 7 or 8 of them) to be collected together & put in a very handsome strong proper-sized mail envelope label'd in gilt, & sold as pictures from life of W W—
(perhaps made in a small album)

Had hit upon an idea, he said, of printing and mounting pictures—6 or 8—handsomely enveloping them, and selling as "portraits from life of Walt Whitman."


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