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Sunday, October 19, 1890

     Bucke arrived in early train. I met him at Dooner's and took breakfast with him at nine. Arranged to go to Clifford's to dinner. I went to hear Chubb speak and Bucke went over to see W. Then we came together again on 12:40 Germantown train. B. had had a good talk with W. Found him very well—but his deafness much increased since May. Said W. was averse to going on stage Tuesday but that he had debated with W. the folly of being anywhere else. W. would of course yield. Good time at Clifford's, where we stayed to dinner and tea. We prepared for stage seats—where to place the Whitman guests. Some little difficulty but no serious obstacles. Bucke and I will probably go away together Thursday next. Bucke to go to New York tomorrow. He left to go to W.'s early from Clifford's but was tired—went straight to hotel. B. looks well—the arm about right again.

     W. says, "I like the number of the Conservator a great deal: it is a good number throughout." Had sent "a considerable number away."


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