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Tuesday, January 13, 1891

     8:20 P.M. To W.'s rather late; on way to Contemporary Club meeting. Had been working at home on Lippincott's piece. Stoddart had written me to cut down. Saw Walsh—talked with him—shall reduce from about 5,000 to 4,000 words. Walsh said they could not use the reprinted pieces for two reasons: the first because it was reprint; the second because they had no space. Had also received Kennedy's Dutch piece (in manuscript) by mail direct. Could not use that. W. had advised sending. But Lippincott's people say it would not prove of enough interest to their readers—specific and detailed study of ancestry. Walsh explained to me that March number was nearly in type. Wished my revisions tomorrow. Promised. Explained this to W. Showed a little sign of irritation—slightest: "Not interesting? I think it'd prove as interesting as the novels—at least. But no matter—I know enough not to protest—to bow to the inevitable. The space objection I quite acknowledge: it has weight." Further: "Then all my letters—notes—have gone to no purpose! And another today—anent that postal," handing me a postal from Kennedy, as follows:

Mon. morn. Ja 12 '91

Have got back, & copied out fair (adding to) the Dutch paper. I think it has value, but I send it this A.M. to Stoddart. You will like it. Told him to hand over to you if not used or to Traubel. Thank you Traubel for the Shillaber paper. We shall undoubtedly use in whole or nearly so. It did me good to hear that somebody in the world believes in me and thinks kindly of me. I shall emerge—when it suits me.



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     Also gave me a letter from Bucke along with it. Said he had recommended Kennedy to send pieces direct. When I came in W. was working on a sketch of "Good-Bye My Fancy!"—laying it out. Says he gets "nearer the start" of the thing, yet is "quite undecided yet." Advised me to get Kennedy's article from Stoddart. I paid for hat today. W. had letter from the Consul or somebody in Columbia—the Isthmus— "one of the enthusiastic sloppy letters I sometimes get." Had laid stamps aside, marked, to send to Ed Wilkins. "Ed has quite a collection." How W. remembers all these things. Gave me one of the three stamps for a boy I knew.


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