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Sunday, January 25, 1891

     Busy the whole day: to Ethical Society meeting forenoon. Then for a brief space to Bush's, on 30th Street. Both well there. Dinner at Johnston's. After Maria Bush came in, the three of us went to Moncure Conway's. Conway wants to trade a George Boughton picture he has for Johnston's Paine (Jarvis), but Johnston seemed to regard the offer as absurd, as I did myself. Conway showed us three genuine Turners, which much enthralled our attention. Morse's Emerson on one of the shelves there. Conway said Edward Emerson had remarked of it then that it was the best thing yet of Emerson. Conway's daughter Englished past patience. I had considerable talk with them about Morse. They did not seem at all curious about W. Thence to Stedman's, on 78th Street—Stedman and Arthur home, in library. Stayed well towards two hours. Fragments of our talk will betray themselves as I discuss points with W. in days after my return. Stedman very cordial; discussed W. freely. Had seen, admired, and would use "Song to the Sunset Breeze" in Johns Hopkins lecture—from which he read me an extract. Very fine as I came away to see his impulsive grasp for something to send W., first offering me a fine paperweight, which I hesitated to take on learning that it was a gift, which he prized. Then, pouring pens, etc. out of a pen-salver, which he put in a paper and I brought away with me. He seemed to know little about

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me—did I write? etc. Arthur very affectionate—seems a very lovable man. Stedman seemed in pretty good trim. Scrupulously combed and dressed. Smoked cigars, offering to Bush. Said was hard-worked, had no time but nights and Sundays for literary labors—had determined to do more original poetic work than in some recent years. Talked a great deal of O'Connor—in fact, of all W.'s friends. Did not agree with John Burroughs that W.'s late work lacked in the poetic.


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