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Monday, February 2, 1891

     5:30 P.M. Good half hour with W. He was not very cheery—I soon learned why. "I have a letter today—from London—not from Doctor. Doctor is sick and his girl writes the letter. He is sick in bed—dictates this—has rheumatism and cold—that is the way he states it. I confess it alarmed me—I do not like it—yet he is cheery enough, too: says it will only be a matter of a day or two, but"—shaking his head— "I do not know, I am afraid Doctor is in for more of it than he thinks." And then: "I learn in every way how incautious he is—how little he measures the physical situation. Having a noble physique—noble parts, health, mind, body, physiological—he thinks he can dare anything, but who can? No body, no mind, can outlast every strain.

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Doctor—his vehement nature—drives him heavily into his enthusiasms. It is a great spectacle, but isn't it expensive? The Asylum, the meter, half a dozen other irons—they press him on and on, to what?"
And further: "The mere evidence of his daughter—that he only writes through her—shows a surrender. O Doctor, Doctor, will you only learn it too late!" Had written Bucke, gave me the letter to mail, along with papers for Captain Rayner and Gilchrist, postal for George's wife, a letter containing check for Morristown people.

     I told him amusedly of Stedman's remark: "You know I am a Socialist—have an interest in Howland's colony in Mexico. Howland is just dead." W. said, "Yes, Howland is just dead. I get their paper here regularly, I think. But I think the head and front of the colony is Mary Howland—I know her. But I did not know Stedman had any interest—spiritual or other—in the experiment. Do you know, Horace, I think Talcott Williams has a suspicion of an inclination that way, too. Did you ever get a hint of it from him?"

     Referred tenderly to death of Bradlaugh and Meissonier. I had letter from Truth Seeker people. McKay had only offered them 20 percent on six-dollar book. Would we not do better? W. assented. I would send bill for four dollars adding 40 cents postage and W. would ship book west (Minier, Ills.) tomorrow. I suggested he should write a letter to Stoddart on pamphlet matter. Would do so.


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