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Wednesday, June 3, 1891

     At Niagara till about three, seeing many things even through the hard rain that prevailed for an hour and more. Doctor left Anne and me to make trip to the other side alone (up to whirlpool—down to Canadian falls). Took trip again in Maid of the Mist. Vegetation richer than in the fall—mists much heavier. I met my young guide at whirlpool again, the Tweed Coast man. Everywhere the word is gouge—another day would have cleaned us both out. Nothing so impressive as the combination of greatest mass with greatest beauty. No augury can destroy the conviction of such unity after one has swept this circle into his vision. Sat down at the hotel and wrote and immediately mailed a line to W. (a note also to Tillie). Bucke lamented on the road yesterday that he had no copy of "Leaves of Grass" along.

     Big slip with our baggage—found it had been sent no further than American side. Bucke fee'd the baggage-master (Canadians to exchange us checks and hasten on by a later train). Reached London nearly upon seven—a good supper for us there and a sweet welcome.


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