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Sunday, July 12, 1891

     To W.'s with Bush about ten, but W. was not yet up. I then to Philadelphia—taking a long walk with Reeder and Gilbert up to Hammer Hollow and the King of Prussia and back to Philadelphia 52nd Street—walking 23 miles. Eakins and O'Donovan spent evening with Harned. Bush to W.'s again near six, having then "a long beautiful talk with him alone—the first I ever had." No evil effects, apparently, from the drive.

     From the Bolton Evening News, June 29th, 1891: A Bolton Doctor Thrown Out of His Trap.—Dr. Johnston met with an alarming accident on Saturday afternoon, though fortunately the results are not serious. He was driving in his phaeton along Gloster St., Haulgh, when one of the shaft pins came out, and the horse, frightened by the loose shaft, became uncontrollable and ran away into Bury New-rd. By a sudden swerve against the kerbstone the phaeton was upset and the Doctor and his coachman thrown out onto the pavement close by the Wellington Hotel, the horse dragging the upset conveyance some distance down the road. The coachman received a cut arm and contusion of the shoulder, and Dr. Johnston a badly bruised hip and leg, whilst both were considerably shaken. The horse was slightly cut, and an axle of the phaeton bent.

This rather stirred W.—first with concern, then with gratification. Warren, too, related to us how Doctor Bucke came close to being trampled down by a horse in New York—on the pier. W. shook his head—spoke of "Doctor's recklessness" and wondered, "What will it lead to? I am always afraid of it."


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