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Much of the work of the Whitman Archive has been focused on editing Whitman's poetry and prose manuscripts, which are located at repositories around the world. We include both poetry and prose manuscripts in this index, since it is often hard to determine the boundary between prose and verse in Whitman's manuscripts—especially in the pre-war years, Whitman habitually migrated his writing from prose to verse. Users of the Whitman Archive familiar with our earlier work on Whitman's poetry manuscripts can still access that material here. Work on Whitman's manuscripts is ongoing, and we expect more manuscripts to be added over time, as we are able to complete the work of editing them. For more about our editorial policy and encoding practices for Whitman's manuscripts, see our editorial policy statement. To see and search several of Whitman's notebooks, which are not included in this manuscripts index, visit the notebooks index.

In this index we have included "not before" and "not after" dates to give a general estimate of when the manuscript was written. Since most of Whitman's manuscripts are undated, this range is often necessarily speculative. For further specificity and explanation of the date associated with any manuscript, see the dates and editorial notes in the metadata sections at the top of the individual transcription files. To sort the index list by title or by date, click the "Title" or "Date" headings at the top of the columns.

In addition to the transcribed Whitman manuscripts listed here, we offer access to many additional manuscripts through the Integrated Catalog of Walt Whitman's Literary Manuscripts. The catalog provides access to images of manuscripts, information about holding repositories, and notes on the relationship between the manuscripts and Whitman's published writings.

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(not before)
(not after)
Walter Whitman, of Suffolk co.18411841
Jan 12. Walter Whitman18421842
far. Amongst this18441846
Nerve.—A Frenchman18491849
Of a summer evening18401850
Bill Guess18541854
distinctness every syllable18401855
to enjoy the Panorama18401855
This singular young man18401855
I am that half grown angry boy18401855
Outdoors is the best18401855
Remember that the clock18401855
Lofty Sirs!18401855
For example, whisper18401855
Not to dazzle18401855
One obligation of great fresh bards18401855
is wider than the west18401855
seems perpetually goading18401855
Of this broad and majestic18401855
poet of Materialism18451855
It is the endless delusion18451855
human feet, awaits us18451855
And to the soul18451855
The analogy18451855
truly what is commonest18451855
The test18451855
The new theologies18451855
Mocking all the textbooks18451855
The most perfect wonders18451855
Superb and infinitely manifold18451855
Describing the death18451855
Do you know what music does18451855
American literature must become distinct18451855
ground where you may18451855
Living Pictures18451855
dithyrambic trochee18461855
It seems to me18471855
Make no quotations18471855
is rougher than it was18481855
To be at all18501855
In metaphysical points18501855
You lusty and graceflu youth! 18501855
The Great Laws do not treasure chips18501855
How gladly we leave18501855
Rules for Composition18501855
A man of gigantic18501855
It were unworthy a live man to pray18501855
identical with the18501855
After all is said and done18501855
The most superb beauties18501855
Sweet flag18501855
hands are cut by the18501855
Are the prostitutes nothing?18501855
steamboats and vaccination18501855
But when a voice in our hearing18501855
The genuine miracles of Christ18501855
From the tips of his fingers18501855
Why need genius18501855
In the present state of18501855
How mean a person18501855
The three or four poets are well18501855
tainting the best18501855
Poem—a perfect school18501855
This is the Earths word18501856
Such boundless and affluent souls18501856
(Of the great poet)18501856
I do not compose18501856
Health does not tell18501856
Rule in all addresses18501856
something that presents the sentiment18501856
Poem of Pictures18501856
A nation announcing itself18551856
A large, good-looking woman18451859
To the English18501859
In a poem make the thought18501859
What shall the great poet be then?18501859
Municipal legislation18401860
The regular time18401860
Write a new burial service18401860
The good hostess18401860
The power by which the carpenter18401860
The questions involved18401860
What we call literature is18451860
of these poems18451860
For remember that18451860
The money value of real18451860
The only way in which18451860
Books, as now produced18501860
you cannot define too clearly18501860
And there, farther south18501860
Isaac Joseph Stephen Jesse18501860
in the West18501860
Free cider18501860
In Nature all is so real18501860
Names or terms18501860
Citizens took by mutual agreement18501860
for droppings18501860
Poem of the Universalities18501860
After death 18501860
A City Walk18501860
Poem of Kisses18501860
Poem of Names18501860
In Poem Song of kisses18501860
do nothing but lose from18501860
The idea of reconciliation18541860
Understand that you can have18551860
Walt Whitman's Caution18561860
Of Ownership18561860
As of Forms.18561860
In the garden18561860
City of my walks and joys18561860
Nehemiah Whitman18451861
Beat! beat! drums!18611861
Yet far sweeps your road18641864
America needs her own poems18601865
Others may praise what they like18601865
I cross'd the Nevadas18601865
After certain disastrous campaigns18621865
incidents, for (Soldier in the Ranks)18631865
Thou West that gave'st him to us18651865
Proud music of the Storm18651869
A talent for conversation18401870
for lect on Literature18501870
Do you ask me18501870
Locust whirring they come in July18501870
armies & navies pass on the surface18501870
If you have in you18541870
A procession without halt18611870
Poem for the good old cause18501871
Ashes of Roses18681871
Ashes of heroes18701871
Waves in the Vessel's wake18741874
Song of the Universal18741874
The man-of-war.-Bird18691876
What the word of power unbroken18701876
Returning to my pages' front once18711876
As in a Swoon18721876
Out from Behind this Mask18751876
Starry Union18761876
Hannah Brush18501880
Vast national tracts18541880
I do not expect to see myself18701880
The dalliance of the eagles18781880
The Patrol at Barnegat18801880
Hands Round18651881
Notes where wild bees flitting hum18781881
Hast never come to thee an hour18781881
Italian Music in Dakota18791881
some threading Ohio's18811881
The Sobbing of the Bells18811881
September 11, 12, 13—185018501883
With husky‑haughty lips, O Sea!18831884
By thine own lips, O Sea18831884
By day the distant18831884
If I should need to name, O Western World!18841884
Proudly the flood comes in18801885
Nor you alone18821885
Last of ebb, and daylight waning18821885
your needed blending discord‑parts18841885
Ah, not this granite dead and cold18851885
Had I the Choice18851885
Last of ebb18851885
wooding at night18481887
1848 New Orleans18481887
O Captain! my Captain!18871887
The idea that18541888
After the Supper and Talk18841888
Fancies at Navesink18851888
Certainties, Faith, Counterbalances, Alternation18871888
After the dazzle of Day18871888
Old Salt Kossabone18871888
A Prairie Sunset18881888
Life and Death18881888
Funeral Interpolations18881888
To the year 188918881889
A Voice from Death18891889
Such things18501890
Sands at Seventy18881890
The Unexpress'd18891890
Aye, well I know 'tis ghastly to descend18891891
After the Argument18901891
Sail out for good? for aye, O mystic yacht!18901891
America to Old-World Bards18901891
such a thing as ownership18401892
Literature it is certain18401892


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