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Date: Around 1867
Place: Washington, D.C.
Photographer: Mathew Brady
Note: 'How do you like that for free and easy?' Laughing mildly. 'Some of the fellows in Washington said no-they wouldn't have it on any terms: they said to me: you like to make yourself look tough." One fellow said: "You do all you can to encourage the people in their belief that you are a tough." Is that the picture of a tough? Maybe I am too sensitive—”maybe I am tough—”maybe the people who don't like toughs, don't like me, are right.' He called my attention to the dent in the hat. "Somebody once called it a sauce-pan—”said I wore sauce-pan hats'" (WWWC, 1: 276).
Type: Imperial carte-de-visite
Credit: J. Paul Getty Museum
ID: 024

Image 024


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