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Date: 1871
Place: New York
Photographer: V. W. Horton (?) of J. Gurney & Son
Note: Whitman dates this picture to about 1865, but Gurney & Son were at 707 Broadway from 1857-1869. Gurney & Son moved to 5th Avenue in 1869 and remained there until the partnership was dissolved in 1874. Among his notebook entries dating between February and July 1871, Whitman notes, "V. W. Horton at Gurney's, cor 5th av. & 16th st." (NUPM 823); later in the same notebook, he enters, "V. M W. Horton photo operator Gurneys" (826). Years later, Whitman unearthed the original for Horace Traubel: "He also handed me a stereoscopic card arranged with two portraits of himself—J. Gurney and Son. New York. 'That picture seems to have been liked—I don't know but I like it myself. William [O'Connor] thought it "a trifle weak", but I don't think so. I can't always be a roaring lion!'" (WWWC, 2: 406). The left image is used in WWWC (after 2: 424).
Type: Stereoscopic cyanotype
Credit: Feinberg Collection
ID: 050

Image 050


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