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Date: 1882
Place: Philadelphia
Photographer: Potter and Co.
Note: George C. Potter, who took an early 1870s photograph of Whitman in Washington, had moved to Philadelphia by this time. This and the following photograph bear some resemblance in posture and expression to an 1880 Gutekunst photograph. One day Horace Traubel saw one of these three photos in a glass case in front of the Potter and Co. studio on Chestnut St., and mistook it for the Gutekunst; WW corrected him: "there is another with which it gets confused. The Gutekunst picture is good: the other is not: the other I think was made by Potter, around on Chestnut Street—”used to be there." Then after a pause: "Have you ever remarked the difference? The Potter picture is startling but it is not good—”it don't hit me."
Type: Print
Credit: Library of Congress
ID: 089

Image 089


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