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Date: 1886
Place: Camden
Photographer: Lorenzo F. Fisler of Fisler & Gaubert (?)
Note: With Bill Duckett. Duckett was a friend, driver, and helper for Whitman and traveled with Whitman extensively around this time, escorting Whitman on stage for his Lincoln lecture in New York in 1887, for example. There later were troubles with Duckett, but Whitman recalled in 1889 that "he was often with me: we went to Gloucester together: one trip was to New York: . . . then to Sea Isle City once: I stayed there at the hotel two or three days—”so on: we were quite thick then: thick: when I had money it was as freely Bill's as my own: I paid him well for all he did for me. . . . I liked Bill: he had good points: is bright—”very bright." Donald Edge attributes this and the following tintype to Lorenzo F. Fisler, a Camden photographer on Federal Street.
Type: Tintype
Credit: Ohio Wesleyan University, Bayley Collection
ID: 091

Image 091


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