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Date: 1889
Place: Philadelphia
Photographer: Frederick Gutekunst
Note: Whitman commented that the photos from this sitting were all successful, "in fact would be considered very fine—”in their smoothification—”the quality that never pleases me." But this may be the pose that Whitman disliked and joked with Horace Traubel about: "it is destined for the fire—”irrevocably: look at the formal pose—”the expression, too, a damnable one!" On the Library of Congress copy, Traubel has written, "Except for the photograph taken by Eakins-O'Donovan. . . . in Walt's own room in November 1891, the Gutekunst sittings, of which this is one result, were the last secured from him by a photographer.
Type: Print
Credit: Ohio Wesleyan University, Bayley Collection
ID: 111

Image 111


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