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Date: 1889?
Place: Camden
Photographer: William Kuebler, Jr., or Louis H. Kuebler of Kuebler Photography
Note: Kuebler Photography, at 1204 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, was co-owned and operated by brothers William Jr. and Louis H. Kuebler. According to the 1890 Philadelphia city directory, William Jr. lived at 864 41st St., and Louis lived at 866 41st St.—”also the address of William, Sr., an optician. The photo is taken in Whitman's room in Camden, and the photograph seen in the background is of John Addington Symonds, which Symonds sent to Whitman in 1889. When asked by Traubel what he thought of John White Alexander's portrait of Whitman, Thomas Eakins replied, "Did you hear, that he finally made the picture from a photo?" William Rudolph O'Donovan explained that "the great difficulty was the hair—”to give the sense of its mass yet also of its thinness." Judging by the pose and the position of the hair in this photograph, it appears that it may have been used as Alexander's study.
Type: Print
Credit: Library of Congress
ID: 114

Image 114


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