Complete Prose Works

In the pocket of my receptacle-book I find a list of suggested and rejected names for this volume, or parts of it—such as the following:

As the wild bee hums in May,
& August mulleins grow,
& Winter snow-flakes fall,
& stars in the sky roll round.

Away from Books—away from Art,
Now for the Day and Night—the lesson done,
Now for the Sun and Stars.

Notes of a half-Paralytic,  As Voices in the Dusk, from Speak-
Week in and Week out,  ers far or hid,
Embers of Ending Days,  Autochthons...Embryons,
Ducks and Drakes,  Wing-and-Wing,
Flood Tide and Ebb,  Notes and Recalles,
Gossip at Early Candle-light,  Only Mulleins and Bumble-Bees,
Echoes and Escapades,  Pond-Babble...Tete-a-Tetes,
Such as I...Evening Dews,  Echoes of a Life in the 19th Century
Notes after Writing a Book,  in the New World,
Far and Near at 63,  Flanges of Fifty Years,
Drifts and Cumulus,  Abandons...Hurry Notes,
Maize-Tassels...Kindlings,  A Life-Mosaic...Native Moments,
Fore and Aft...Vestibules,  Types and Semi-Tones,
Scintilla at 60 and after,  Oddments...Sand-Drifts,
Sands on the Shores of 64,  Again and Again.


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