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Title: New York Herald

Creator: Susan Belasco

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Source: Written for the Walt Whitman Archive. First published on the Archive in 2008. For a description of the editorial rationale behind our treatment of the periodical poems, see our statement of editorial policy.

Contributors to digital file: Elizabeth Lorang, Susan Belasco, and Kevin McMullen

Whitman published the largest number of his periodical poems—34 of them—in the New York Herald, founded by James Gordon Bennett as a "penny paper" in 1835. The Herald, one of the longest-running newspapers begun in the nineteenth century, was published daily, despite a few breaks in print, until it went out of print in 1924. The newspaper covered news, finance, amusements, sports, and provided editorials and extensive advertisements. With a circulation that ranged from around 30,000 in 1850 to its peak of 190,500 in 1885, the Herald was the most popular and well-read paper in the United States, known for printing a variety of domestic and international news, as well as for its sensational reporting style. Whitman's earliest appearance in the Herald was on November 9, 1842, when a "Wm. Whitman" was listed among the 52 leading newspaper writers of New York. On June 26, 1872, Whitman's first poem published in the paper, "As a Strong Bird on Pinions Free," was printed along with an article about the Dartmouth College graduation ceremonies, held on June 27. Several years later, in late 1887, James Gordon Bennett, Jr., now the editor of the Herald, invited Whitman to contribute a series of poems and prose pieces for the paper. From December 1887 through August 1888, 33 of Whitman's poems appeared, usually in the pages devoted to notices of amusements and performances.


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"The Calming Thought of All." New York Herald, 27 May 1888, 12

"[Over and through the burial chant]." New York Herald, 12 August 1888, 7


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