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Title: Outing: A Journal of Recreation

Creator: Susan Belasco

Publication information: Written for the Walt Whitman Archive. First published on the Archive in 2008.

Whitman Archive ID: per.00168

Contributors to digital file: Elizabeth Lorang, Susan Belasco, and Kevin McMullen

Founded in Albany, New York in 1882, Outing: A Journal of Recreation was a part of a new trend in catering to leisure time activities, such as fishing, bicycling, and yachting. The editor, William Bailey Howland, published news about resorts and travel articles and also included fiction and poetry. Outing was not well-financed, however, and the magazine had a difficult start, published for a few months in 1882–1883, closed, and then started again in April 1885. Whitman published "The Voice of the Rain" in August 1885, after Outing had merged with Wheelman, a cycling magazine, and the new Outing expanded to include articles on a wide range of recreational sports, such as tennis, rowing, and lacrosse, as well as additional articles on travel and exploration. Whitman's first choice for "The Voice of the Rain" had been Harper's, he noted in his daybook, but he sent it next to Outing and received a payment of $12.00.


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