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The Walt Whitman Encyclopedia

The following pieces are selected from J.R. LeMaster and Donald D. Kummings, eds., Walt Whitman: An Encyclopedia, (New York: Garland Publishing, 1998) and are reproduced by permission.

Title Author
Abbott, Dr. Henry (1812–1859) Winslow, Rosemary Gates
Actors and Actresses Meyer, Susan M.
Adams, Henry Brooks (1838–1918) Newstrom, Scott L.
Africa, Whitman in Asselineau, Roger
"After the Supper and Talk" (1887) Baldwin, David B.
Age and Aging Stauffer, Donald Barlow
"Ages and Ages Returning at Intervals" (1860) Klawitter, George
Alcott, Amos Bronson (1799–1888) Mason, Julian
Allen, Gay Wilson (1903–1995) Kummings, Donald D.
"America [Centre of equal daughters]" (1888) Griffin, Larry D.
"America's Mightiest Inheritance" (1856) Kummings, Donald D.
American Adam Dietrich, Deborah
American Character Gruesz, Kirsten Silva
American Phrenological Journal Pannapacker, William A.
American Primer, An (1904) Dressman, Michael R.
American Revolution, The Blake, David Haven
American Whig Review Rachman, Stephen
Anderson, Sherwood (1876–1941) Bidney, Martin
"Angel of Tears, The" (1842) McGuire, Patrick
Apollinaire, Guillaume (1880–1918) Asselineau, Roger
Architects and Architecture Roche, John F.
"Are You the New Person Drawn toward Me?" (1860) Butler, Frederick J.
"Army Corps on the March, An" (1865–1866) Lulloff, William G.
Arnold, George B. (1803–1889) Bawcom, Amy M.
Arnold, Matthew (1822–1888) Kozlowski, Alan E.
Art and Daguerreotype Galleries Dougherty, James
"Artilleryman's Vision, The" (1865) Freund, Julian B.
Arts and Crafts Movement Roche, John F
Arvin, Newton (1900–1963) Martin, Robert K.
"As Adam Early in the Morning" (1860) Klawitter, George
"As Consequent, Etc." (1881) Chandran, K. Narayana
"As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Life" (1860) Gutman, Huck
"As I Lay with My Head in Your Lap Camerado" (1865–1866) Gilbert, Sheree L.
"As I Ponder'd in Silence" (1871) Chandran, K. Narayana
"As I Sit Writing Here" (1888) Kalnin, Martha A.
"As Toilsome I Wander'd Virginia's Woods" (1865) Mulcaire, Terry
"As at Thy Portals Also Death" (1881) Rieke, Susan
"Ashes of Soldiers" (1865) Rieke, Susan
Ashton, J. Hubley (1836–1907) Bawcom, Amy M.
Asselineau, Roger (1915–2002) Kummings, Donald D.
Associations, Clubs, Fellowships, Foundations, and Societies Pannapacker, William A.
Atlantic Monthly, The Smith, Susan Belasco
Attorney General's Office, United States Graham, Rosemary
Australia and New Zealand, Whitman in McLeod, Alan L.
"Autumn Rivulets" (1881) Field, Jack
"Backward Glance O'er Travel'd Roads, A" (1888) Shucard, Alan
Barnburners and Locofocos Widmer, Ted
Barrus, Clara (1864–1931) Kummings, Donald D.
"Base of All Metaphysics, The" (1871) Oates, David
Baxter, Sylvester (1850–1927) Griffin, Christopher O.
Bazalgette, Léon (1873–1929) Asselineau, Roger
Beach, Juliette H. (1829–1900) Mullins, Maire
"Beat! Beat! Drums!" (1861) Schwiebert, John E.
"Beginning My Studies" (1865) Huang, Guiyou
Berryman, John (1914–1972) Smeller, Carl
Bertz, Eduard (1853–1931) Grünzweig, Walter
"Bervance: or, Father and Son" (1841) McGuire, Patrick
Bible, The Becknell, Thomas
Bibliographies Kummings, Donald D.
Binns, Henry Bryan (1873–1923) Reagan, Katherine
Biographies Loving, Jerome
"Birds of Passage" (1881) Mozer, Hadley J.
Birthplace, Whitman's Krieg, Joann P.
"Bivouac on a Mountain Side" (1865) Schwiebert, John E.
Blake, William (1757–1827) Bidney, Martin
Boker, George Henry (1823–1890) Gould, Mitch
Bolton (England) "Eagle Street College" Krieg, Joann P.
Bon Echo Folsom, Ed
Borges, Jorge Luis (1899–1986) Folsom, Ed
Born, Helena (1860–1901) Ceniza, Sherry
"Boston Ballad (1854), A" (1855) Klammer, Martin
Boston, Massachusetts Round, Phillip H.
"Boy Lover, The" (1845) McGuire, Patrick
British Isles, Whitman in the Thomas, M. Wynn
British Romantic Poets French, R.W.
"Broadway" (1888) Harris, Maverick Marvin
Broadway Hospital (New York) Donlon, David Breckenridge
Broadway Journal Rachman, Stephen
"Broadway Pageant, A" (1860) Doudna, Martin K.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle Renner, Dennis K.
Brooklyn Daily Times Renner, Dennis K.
Brooklyn Freeman Panish, Jon
Brooklyn, New York Gill, Jonathan
Brown, Lewis Kirk (1843–1926) Kantrowitz, Arnie
Bryant, William Cullen (1794–1878) Higgins, Andrew C.
Buchanan, Robert (1841–1901) Leon, Philip W.
Bucke, Richard Maurice Nelson, Howard
Buffalo Free Soil Convention (1848) Lueth, Elmar S.
Burns, Anthony (1834–1862) Walker, Linda K.
Burroughs, John [1837–1921] and Ursula [1836–1917] Sarracino, Carmine
"By Blue Ontario's Shore" (1856) Gruesz, Kirsten Silva
"By That Long Scan of Waves" (1885) Folton, Joe Boyd
"By the Bivouac's Fitful Flame" (1865) Lulloff, William G.
"By the Roadside" (1881) Rachman, Stephen
'Calamus' [1860] Miller, James E., Jr.
Camden, New Jersey Sill, Geoffrey M.
Canada, Whitman's Reception in Cederstrom, Lorelei
Canada, Whitman's Visit to Mason-Browne, N.J.
Canby, Henry Seidel (1878–1961) Reagan, Katherine
Carlyle, Thomas (1795–1881) Altman, Matthew C.
Carnegie, Andrew (1835–1919) Baker, Danielle L. and Donald C. Irving
Carpenter, Edward [1844–1929] Kantrowitz, Arnie
Carpenter, George Rice (1863–1909) Andriano, Joseph
Catalogues Mason, John B.
Catel, Jean (1891–1950) Asselineau, Roger
Cather, Willa (1873–1947) Singley, Carol J.
"Cavalry Crossing a Ford" (1865) Schwiebert, John E.
"Centenarian's Story, The" (1865) Chandran, K. Narayana
Centennial Exposition (Philadelphia) Lueth, Elmar S.
"Chanting the Square Deific" (1865–1866) Eiselein, Gregory
Chase, Richard Volney (1914–1962) Graffin, Walter
Chase, Salmon P. (1808–1873) Hatch, Frederick
"Child and the Profligate, The" (1841) McGuire, Patrick
'Children of Adam' [1860] Miller, James E., Jr.
China, Whitman in Huang, Guiyou
Chopin, Kate (1850–1904) Barton, Gay
"City Dead-House, The" (1867) Graham, Rosemary
"City of Orgies" (1860) Martin, Robert K.
City, Whitman and the Bauerlein, Mark
Civil War Nursing Davis, Robert Leigh
Civil War, The [1861–1865] Hutchinson, George
Clapp, Henry (1814–1875) Stansell, Christine
Clare, Ada [Jane McElheney] Stansell, Christine
Clarke, McDonald (1798–1842) Matteson, John T.
"Clear Midnight, A" (1881) Schwiebert, John E.
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (Mark Twain) (1835–1910) Britton, Wesley A.
Collect (1882) LeMaster, J.R.
Collected Writings of Walt Whitman, The (1961–1984) Graham, Rosemary
Collectors and Collections, Whitman Birney, Alice L.
Columbus, Christopher (ca. 1451–1506) Stuckey-French, Ned C.
"Come Up from the Fields Father" (1865) Lulloff, William G.
Complete Writings of Walt Whitman, The (1902) Graham, Rosemary
Compromise of 1850 Klammer, Martin
Comradeship Kuebrich, David
Comstock, Anthony (1844–1919) Hammond, Joseph P.
Contradiction Zapata-Whelan, Carol M.
Conway, Moncure Daniel (1832–1907) Leon, Philip W.
Cooper, James Fenimore (1789–1851) Stein, Jennifer J.
Correspondence of Walt Whitman, The (1961–1977) Costanzo, Angelo
Cosmic Consciousness Ignoffo, Matthew
Costelloe, Mary Whitall Smith (1864–1945) Davey, Christina
Cowley, Malcolm (1898–1989) Altman, Matthew C.
Crane, Hart (1899–1932) Martin, Robert K.
Creeley, Robert (1926–2005) Smeller, Carl
Critics, Whitman's Hindus, Milton
'Crossing Brooklyn Ferry' [1856] Nelson, Howard
Crystal Palace Exhibition (New York) Lueth, Elmar S.
"Dalliance of the Eagles, The" (1880) Martin, Robert K.
Dana, Charles A. (1819–1897) Moore, Andy J.
"Darest Thou Now O Soul" (1868) Chandran, K. Narayana
Dartmouth College Newstrom, Scott L.
Darwin, Charles (1809–1882) Tanner, James T.F.
Davis, Mary Oakes (1837 or 1838–1908) Singley, Carol J.
Daybooks and Notebooks (1978) Renner, Dennis K.
De Selincourt, Basil (1876–1966) Graffin, Walter
Death Aspiz, Harold
"Death in the School-Room (a Fact)" (1841) McGuire, Patrick
"Death of Abraham Lincoln" (1879) Griffin, Larry D.
"Death of Wind-Foot, The" (1842) McGuire, Patrick
"Death's Valley" (1892) Pannapacker, William A.
Democracy Folsom, Ed
Democratic Party Harris, Maverick Marvin
Democratic Review Smith, Susan Belasco
Democratic Vistas [1871] Wrobel, Arthur
Denison, Flora MacDonald (1867–1921) Kalnin, Martha A.
Denver, Colorado Stifel, Timothy
Dialectic Mulcaire, Terry
Dickens, Charles (1812–1870) Taft, Vickie L.
Dickinson, Emily (1830–1886) Pollak, Vivian R.
Dictionaries Folsom, Ed
"Dirge for Two Veterans" (1865) Ignoffo, Matthew
Donaldson, Thomas (1843–1898) Schroeder, Steven
Dos Passos, John (1896–1970) Price, Kenneth M.
Douglas, Stephen Arnold (1813–1861) Garvey, T. Gregory
Douglass, Frederick (1818–1895) Higgins, Andrew C.
Dowden, Edward (1843–1913) Leon, Philip W.
Doyle, Peter (XXXX-XXXX) Murray, Martin G.
Drinkard, Dr. William B. (1842–1877) Leon, Philip W.
Drum-Taps (1865) Eiselein, Gregory
"Drum-Taps" (1865) Gutman, Huck
"Dumb Kate" (1844) McGuire, Patrick
Duncan, Robert (1919–1988) Folsom, Ed
Duyckinck, Evert Augustus (1816–1878) Yannella, Donald
Eakins, Thomas (1844–1916) Leon, Philip W.
"Earth, My Likeness" (1860) Chandran, K. Narayana
Education, Views on Hirschhorn, Bernard
Egyptian Museum (New York) (1853–1859) Winslow, Rosemary Gates
"Eidólons" (1876) Richardson, D. Neil
"Eighteenth Presidency!, The" (1928) Blake, David Haven
Eliot, T.S. (1888–1965) Shucard, Alan
Emerson, Ralph Waldo [1809–1882] Loving, Jerome
Epic Structure Baldwin, David B.
Epictetus (ca.55–ca.125) Harris, W. Edward
Epicurus (341–270 B.C.) Altman, Matthew C.
Equality Asselineau, Roger
"Ethiopia Saluting the Colors" (1871) Earhart, Amy E.
"Europe, The 72d and 73d Years of These States" (1850) Baldwin, David B.
Evening Tattler (New York) Bawcom, Amy M.
Everson, William (Brother Antoninus) (1912–1994) Britton, Wesley A.
Evil Kahn, Sholom J.
Evolution Tanner, James T.F.
"Excelsior" (1856) Rechel-White, Julie A.
Eyre, Ellen Kalnin, Martha A.
"Faces" (1855) Aspiz, Harold
"Facing West from California's Shores" (1860) Doudna, Martin K.
Falmouth, Virginia Rietz, John
Farnham, Eliza W. (1815–1864) Ceniza, Sherry
"Fast Anchor'd Eternal O Love!" (1860) Helms, Alan
Ferries and Omnibuses Dougherty, James
Feudalism McBride, Phyllis
"Fireman's Dream, The" (1844) McGuire, Patrick
"First O Songs for a Prelude" (1865) Gilbert, Sheree L.
"For You O Democracy" (1860) Zapata-Whelan, Carol M.
Foreign Language Borrowings Asselineau, Roger
Forster, E.M. (1879–1970) McWilliams, Jim
Fowler, Lorenzo Niles (1811–1896) and Orson Squire (1809–1887) Stern, Madeleine B.
France, Whitman in Klawitter, George
Franklin Evans; or The Inebriate Lulloff, William G.
Free Inquirer Stein, Jennifer J.
Free Soil Party Klammer, Martin
Freedom Lindner, Carl Martin
Freiligrath, Ferdinand (1810–1876) Grünzweig, Walter
Fritzinger, Frederick Warren (1866–1899) Krieg, Joann P.
"From Far Dakota's Cañons" (1876) Olson, Steven
"From Noon to Starry Night" (1881) Olson, Steven
"From Pent-up Aching Rivers" (1860) Mullins, Maire
Fuller, Margaret (1810–1850) Mason, Julian
Furness, Clifton Joseph (1898–1946) Pannapacker, William A.
Galaxy, The Matteson, John T.
García Lorca, Federico (1898–1936) Mason-Browne, N.J.
Garland, Hamlin (1860–1940) Dean, Thomas K.
German-speaking Countries, Whitman in the Grünzweig, Walter
Gide, André (1869–1951) Asselineau, Roger
Gilchrist, Anne Burrows (1828–1885) Alcaro, Marion Walker
Gilchrist, Herbert Harlakenden (1857–1914) Alcaro, Marion Walker
Gilder, Jeannette L. (1849–1916) Roberson, Susan L.
Gilder, Richard Watson (1844–1909) Roberson, Susan L.
Ginsberg, Allen (1926–1997) Gutman, Huck
"Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun" (1865) Dougherty, James
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von (1749–1832) Round, Phillip H.
"Good-Bye my Fancy" (Second Annex) (1891) Stauffer, Donald Barlow
"Good-Bye my Fancy!" (1891) Wolfe, Karen
Gosse, Sir Edmund (1849–1928) King, Jerry F.
Gray, Fred (1834–1891) Yannella, Donald
Great Plains and Prairies, The Schneider, Steven P.
Grey, Ellen Kalnin, Martha A.
Griswold, Rufus W. (1815–1857) Buckingham, Willis J.
Gurowski, Count Adam de (1805–1866) Hatch, Frederick
"Halcyon Days" Baldwin, David B.
Hale, Edward Everett (1822–1909) Buckingham, Willis J.
"Half-Breed, The" (1845) McGuire, Patrick
"Hand-Mirror, A" (1860) Losey, Jay
Harlan, James W. Hammond, Joseph P.
Harleigh Cemetery Sill, Geoffrey M.
Harned, Thomas Biggs (1851–1921) Mattausch, Dena
Harper's Monthly Newstrom, Scott L.
Harris, Frank (1856–1931) Graffin, Walter
Harris, Thomas Lake (1823–1906) Matteson, John T.
Hartmann, C. Sadakichi (ca. 1867–1944) Roche, John F.
Hartshorne, William (1775–1859) Gibson, Brent L.
"Hast Never Come to Thee an Hour" (1881) Knapp, Ronald W.
Health Sanfilip, Thomas
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich (1770–1831) Bauerlein, Mark
Heine, Heinrich (1797–1856) Grünzweig, Walter
Herder, Johann Gottfried von (1744–1803) Grünzweig, Walter
"Here the Frailest Leaves of Me" (1860) Sienkiewicz, Conrad M.
Heroes and Heroines Baldwin, David B.
Heyde, Charles Louis (1822–1892) Schroeder, Steven
Heywood, Ezra H. (1829–1893) Hammond, Joseph P.
Hicks, Elias (1748–1830) Davey, Christina
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth (1823–1911) Harris, W. Edward
Hindu Literature Chari, V.K.
Holloway, Emory (1885–1977) Garvey, T. Gregory
Holmes, Oliver Wendell (1809–1894) Rechel-White, Julie A.
Homer Ladd, Andrew
Hopkins, Gerard Manley (1844–1889) Raleigh, Richard
Hotten, John Camden (1832–1873) Myerson, Joel
["Hours Continuing Long"] (1860) Raleigh, Richard
Howells, William Dean (1837–1920) Berkove, Lawrence I.
Hudson River Faries, Nathan C.
Hughes, Langston (1902–1967) Britton, Wesley A.
Hugo, Victor (1802–1885) Moore, Andy J.
Human Body Killingsworth, M. Jimmie
Human Voice Griffin, Larry D.
Humboldt, Alexander von (1769–1859) Matteson, John T.
Humor Asselineau, Roger
Huneker, James Gibbons (1857–1921) Barcus, James E., Jr.
Hunkers Green, Charles B.
"I Dream'd in a Dream" (1860) Knapp, Ronald W.
"I Hear America Singing" (1860) Mignon, Charles W.
"I Hear It was Charged against Me" (1860) Oates, David
"I Heard You Solemn-Sweet Pipes of the Organ" (1861) Dacey, Philip
"I Saw in Louisiana a Live-Oak Growing" (1860) Smeller, Carl
'I Sing the Body Electric' [1855] Gutman, Huck
"I Sit and Look Out" (1860) Baldwin, David B.
"I Was Looking a Long While" (1860) McWilliams, Jim
Immigrants Harris, Maverick Marvin
Immortality Kuebrich, David
Imperialism Grünzweig, Walter
"In Paths Untrodden" (1860) Martin, Robert K.
India, Whitman in Chari, V.K.
Indian Affairs, Bureau of Huffstetler, Edward W.
Individualism Duggar, Margaret H.
Influences on Whitman, Principal Worley, Sam
Ingersoll, Robert Green (1833–1899) Harris, W. Edward
"Inscriptions" (1871) Johnstone, Robert
Interculturality Grünzweig, Walter
Internet, Whitman on the Kummings, Donald D.
Ireland, Whitman in Murphy, Willa
Israel, Whitman in Goodblatt, Chanita
"Italian Music in Dakota" (1881) Krieg, Joann P.
Italy, Whitman in Sanfilip, Thomas
Jackson, Andrew (1767–1845) Blake, David Haven
James, Henry (1843–1916) Dye, Renée
James, William (1842–1910) Tanner, James T.F.
Japan, Whitman in Beppu, Keiko
Jarrell, Randall (1914–1965) Britton, Wesley A.
Jefferson, Thomas (1743–1826) Dye, Renée
Johnston, Dr. John (d. 1918) Griffin, Larry D.
Johnston, John H. (1837–1919) and Alma Calder Roberson, Susan L.
Jordan, June (1936–2002) Folsom, Ed
Journalism, Whitman's Killingsworth, M. Jimmie
Journeying Dietrich, Deborah
Joyce, James (1882–1941) Moore, Andy J.
Keller, Elizabeth Leavitt (b. 1839) Tyrer, Patricia J.
Kennedy, William Sloane (1850–1929) Reagan, Katherine
Kerouac, Jack (1922–1969) Britton, Wesley A.
Kinnell, Galway (1927–2014) Folsom, Ed
Knortz, Karl (1841–1918) Grünzweig, Walter
"L. of G.'s Purport" (1891) Baldwin, David B.
Labor and Laboring Classes Thomas, M. Wynn
Lafayette, Marquis de [General] [1757–1834] Harris, Maverick Marvin
Lamarck, Jean Baptiste (1744–1829) Tanner, James T.F.
Language Dressman, Michael R.
Lanier, Sidney (1842–1881) Berkove, Lawrence I.
"Last Loyalist, The" (1842) McGuire, Patrick
"Last of the Sacred Army, The" (1842) McGuire, Patrick
Lawrence, D.H. (1885–1930) Shucard, Alan
Lawrence, Kansas Schroeder, Steven
Leaves of Grass Black, Stephen A.
Leaves of Grass Imprints (1860) Whitt, Jan
Leaves of Grass, 1855 edition Marki, Ivan
Leaves of Grass, 1856 edition Aspiz, Harold
Leaves of Grass, 1860 edition Eiselein, Gregory
Leaves of Grass, 1867 edition Mancuso, Luke
Leaves of Grass, 1871–72 edition Mancuso, Luke
Leaves of Grass, 1876, Author's Edition Keuling-Stout, Frances E.
Leaves of Grass, 1881–82 edition Renner, Dennis K.
Leaves of Grass, 1891–92 edition French, R.W.
Leaves of Grass, Variorum Edition Golden, Arthur
'Leaves-Droppings' [1856] Reitz, John
Leech, Abraham Paul (1815–1886) Golden, Arthur
Legacy, Whitman's Renner, Dennis K.
"Legend of Life and Love, A" (1842) McGuire, Patrick
Leggett, William L. (1801–1839) Widmer, Ted
Leland, Charles Godfrey (1824–1903) Schroeder, Steven
Leland, Henry Perry (1828–1868) Tyrer, Patricia J.
"Letter to Ralph Waldo Emerson" (1856) Raleigh, Richard
Libraries (New York) Green, Charles B.
Liebig, Justus (1803–1873) Matteson, John T.
Life Illustrated Pannapacker, William A.
Lincoln's Death [1865] Eiselein, Gregory
Lincoln, Abraham (1809–1865) Pannapacker, William A.
"Lingave's Temptation" McGuire, Patrick
Literariness Jellicorse, John Lee
Literature Barnett, Robert W.
"Little Jane" (1842) McGuire, Patrick
"Little Sleighers" (1844) McGuire, Patrick
"Live Oak with Moss" (1953–1954) Helms, Alan
"Lo, Victress on the Peaks" (1865–1866) Ignoffo, Matthew
London, Ontario, Canada Cederstrom, Lorelei
["Long I Thought That Knowledge Alone Would Suffice"] (1860) Kozlowski, Alan
Long Island Democrat Karbiener, Karen
Long Island, New York Krieg, Joann P.
Long Island Patriot Karbiener, Karen
Long Island Star Karbiener, Karen
Long Islander Karbiener, Karen
"Long, Too Long America" (1865) King, Jerry F.
Longaker, Dr. Daniel (1858–1949) Singley, Carol J.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807–1882) Rechel-White, Julie A.
Love Gould, Mitch
"Love of Eris: A Spirit Record, The" (1844) McGuire, Patrick
Lowell, James Russell (1819–1891) Pannapacker, William A.
Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus) (ca.94–50 B.C.) Harris, W. Edward
Macpherson, James ("Ossian") (1736–1796) Ladd, Andrew
"Madman, The" (1843) McGuire, Patrick
"Mannahatta [I was asking...]" (1860) Lulloff, William G.
"March in the Ranks Hard-Prest, and the Road Unknown, A" (1865) Schwiebert, John E.
Masters, Edgar Lee (1868?-1950) Britton, Wesley A.
Mathews, Cornelius (ca. 1817–1889) Yannella, Donald
Matthiessen, F.O. (1902–1950) Dye, Renée
McKay, David (1860–1918) Myerson, Joel
"Me Imperturbe" (1860) Dacey, Philip
Media Interpretations of Whitman's Life and Works Britton, Wesley A.
Memoranda During the War [1875–1876] Davis, Robert Leigh
"Memories of President Lincoln" (1881–1882) Hirschhorn, Bernard
Menken, Adah Isaacs (ca. 1835–1868) Stansell, Christine
Metaphysics Fulton, Joe Boyd
Mexican War, The Shively, Charley
Michelet, Jules (1798–1874) Erkkila, Betsy
Mickle Street House [Camden, New Jersey] Sill, Geoffrey M.
Miller, Edwin Haviland (1918–2001) Kummings, Donald D.
Miller, Henry (1891–1980) Panish, Jon
Miller, James Edwin, Jr. (1920–2010) Kummings, Donald D.
Miller, Joaquin (1837–1913) Berkove, Lawrence I.
Millet, Jean-François (1814–1875) Asselineau, Roger
"Miracles" (1856) Nelson, Howard
Mississippi River Field, Jack
Mitchel, O.M. (Ormsby Macknight) (1809–1862) Stifel, Timothy
Mitchell, Silas Weir (1829–1914) Hynes, Jennifer A.
Molinoff, Katherine Erkkila, Betsy
Motherhood Pollak, Vivian R.
Music, Whitman and Strassburg, Robert
Music, Whitman's Influence on Leathers, Lyman L.
"My Boys and Girls" (1844) McGuire, Patrick
"My Picture-Gallery" (1880) Rietz, John
"Myself and Mine" (1860) Dietrich, Deborah
"Mystic Trumpeter, The" (1872) Butler, Frederick J.
Mysticism Chari, V.K.
Native Americans [Indians] Folsom, Ed
"Native Moments" (1860) Klawitter, George
Nature Doudna, Martin K.
Neruda, Pablo (1904–1973) Matteson, John T.
New Orleans Crescent Harris, Maverick Marvin
New Orleans Picayune Harris, Maverick Marvin
New Orleans, Louisiana Harris, Maverick Marvin
New World, The (New York) Erkkila, Betsy
New York Aurora Renner, Dennis K.
New York City Thomas, M. Wynn
New York Evening Post Widmer, Ted
New York Times Graffin, Walter
New York Tribune Belasco Smith, Susan
Niagara Falls Rachman, Stephen
"Noiseless Patient Spider, A" (1868) Andriano, Joseph
North American Review, The Pannapacker, William A.
Norton, Charles Eliot (1827–1908) Buckingham, Willis J.
"Not Heat Flames Up and Consumes" (1860) Raleigh, Richard
"Not Heaving from my Ribb'd Breast Only" (1860) Field, Jack
Notebooks and Unpublished Prose Manuscripts [1984] Andriano, Joseph
November Boughs [1888] Barcus, James E., Jr.
'O Captain! My Captain!' [1865] Eiselein, Gregory
"O Hymen! O Hymenee!" (1860) Round, Phillip H.
"O Living Always, Always Dying" (1860) Mozer, Hadley J.
"O Magnet-South" (1860) Huffstetler, Edward W.
O'Connor (Calder), Ellen ("Nelly") M. Tarr (1830–1913) Lott, Deshae E.
O'Connor, William Douglas [1832–1889] Lott, Deshae E.
"Of Him I Love Day and Night" (1860) Losey, Jay
"Of the Terrible Doubt of Appearances" (1860) Mattausch, Dena
"Old Age Echoes" (1897) Stauffer, Donald Barlow
"Old Age's Lambent Peaks" (1888) Baldwin, David B.
"On the Beach at Night" (1871) Wohlpart, A. James
"On the Beach at Night Alone" (1856) Fulton, Joe Boyd
"Once I Pass'd Through a Populous City" (1860) Mullins, Maire
"One Hour to Madness and Joy" (1860) Duggar, Margaret H.
"One Wicked Impulse!" (1845) McGuire, Patrick
"One's-Self I Sing" (1867) Mulcaire, Terry
Opera and Opera Singers Stauffer, Donald Barlow
Optimism Renner, Dennis K.
"Orange Buds by Mail from Florida" (1888) Baldwin, David B.
Oratory Mason, John B.
Organicism Costanzo, Angelo
"Osceola" (1890) Sierra-Oliva, Jesus
Osgood, James R. (1836–1892) Pannapacker, William A.
Osler, Dr. William (1849–1919) Leon, Philip W.
"Our Old Feuillage" (1860) Hatlen, Burton
"Out from Behind This Mask" (1876) Baldwin, David B.
'Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking' [1859] Bauerlein, Mark
"Out of the Rolling Ocean the Crowd" (1865) Duggar, Margaret H.
"Over the Carnage Rose Prophetic a Voice" (1865) Graham, Rosemary
Paine, Thomas (1737–1809) Blake, David Haven
Painters and Painting Bohan, Ruth L.
Pantheism Knapp, Ronald W.
Parodies Andriano, Joseph
Parton, James (1822–1891) Garvey, T. Gregory
Parton, Sara Payson Willis (Fanny Fern) (1811–1872) Smith, Susan Belasco
"Passage to India" (1871) Mason, John B.
"Patroling Barnegat" (1880) Wohlpart, A. James
Pennell, Joseph (1857–1926), and Elizabeth Robins (1855–1936) Garrett, Paula K.
Periodicals Devoted to Whitman Folsom, Ed
Perry, Bliss (1860–1954) Leon, Philip W.
Personae French, R.W.
Pessoa, Fernando (1888–1935) Mason-Browne, N.J.
Pfaff's Restaurant Yannella, Donald
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pannapacker, William A.
Phillips, George Searle ("January Searle") (1815–1889) Tyrer, Patricia J.
Photographs and Photographers Folsom, Ed
Phrenology Wrobel, Arthur
"Pioneers! O Pioneers!" (1865) Mignon, Charles W.
Place Names Southard, Sherry
Poe, Edgar Allan (1809–1849) Earhart, Amy E.
Poetic Theory Johnstone, Robert
"Poetry To-day in America—Shakspere—The Future" (1881) Barnett, Robert W.
"Poets to Come" (1860) Schneider, Steven P.
Political Views Hirschhorn, Bernard
Popular Culture, Whitman and Reynolds, David S.
Portugal and Brazil, Whitman in Paro, Maria Clara B.
Pound, Ezra (1885–1972) Shucard, Alan
"Prairie States, The" (1881) Albin, C.D.
"Prairie-Grass Dividing, The" (1860) Schneider, Steven P.
"Prayer of Columbus" (1874) Stuckey-French, Ned C.
Pre-Leaves Poems Gibson, Brent L.
Preface to As a Strong Bird on Pinions Free (1872) Mancuso, Luke
Preface to Leaves of Grass, 1855 Edition French, R.W.
Preface to Two Rivulets (1876) Keuling-Stout, Frances E.
Presidents, United States Hatch, Frederick
Price, Abby Hills (1814–1878) Ceniza, Sherry
Price, Helen E. (b. 1841) Ceniza, Sherry
Pride Griffin, Christopher O.
Printing Business Hicks, Dena Mattausch
"Promise to California, A" (1860) Albin, C.D.
Prophecy LeMaster, J.R.
Prosody Winslow, Rosemary Gates
"Proud Music of the Storm" (1869) Marcus, Mordecai
Providence, Rhode Island Widmer, Ted
Pseudoscience Wrobel, Arthur
Psychological Approaches Black, Stephen A.
Putnam's Monthly Pannapacker, William A.
"Quakers and Quakerism" Dean, Susan Day
"Quicksand Years" (1865) Barton, Gay
Racial Attitudes Hutchinson, George and David Drews
Radicalism Panish, Jon
Reading, Whitman's French, R.W.
Realism Dean, Thomas K.
"Reconciliation" (1865) Mason-Browne, N.J.
Reconstruction Mancuso, Luke
"Recorders Ages Hence" (1860) Sienkiewicz, Conrad M.
Redpath, James [1833–1891] LeMaster, J.R.
Reincarnation Chari, V.K.
Religion Kuebrich, David
Republican Party Hatch, Frederick
"Respondez!" (1856) Baldwin, David B.
"Return of the Heroes, The" (1867) Freund, Julian B.
"Reuben's Last Wish" (1841) McGuire, Patrick
Revolutions of 1848 Stein, Jennifer J.
Rhetorical Theory and Practice Higgins, Andrew C.
Rhys, Ernest Percival (1859–1946) Myerson, Joel
"Richard Parker's Widow" (1845) McGuire, Patrick
Riverby Sarracino, Carmine
Rocky Mountains Stifel, Timothy
Roe, Charles A. (b. 1829) Stifel, Timothy
Rolleston, Thomas William Hazen (1857–1920) Grünzweig, Walter
Romanticism Hodder, Harbour Fraser
Rome Brothers, The Whitt, Jan
Rossetti, William Michael [1829–1915] Smith, Sherwood
Roughs Baker, Danielle L. and Donald C. Irving
"'Rounded Catalogue Divine Complete, The'" (1891) Altman, Matthew C.
Rukeyser, Muriel (1913–1980) Folsom, Ed
Russia and Other Slavic Countries, Whitman in Bidney, Martin
"Salut au Monde!"(1856) Zapata-Whelan, Carol M.
Sanborn, Franklin Benjamin (Frank) (1831–1917) Walker, Linda K.
Sand, George (1804–1876) Moore, Andy J.
Sandburg, Carl (1878–1967) Shucard, Alan
"Sands at Seventy" (First Annex) (1888) Stauffer, Donald Barlow
Santayana, George (1863–1952) Martin, Robert K.
Sarrazin, Gabriel (1853–1935) Sarracino, Carmine
Saturday Press Bawcom, Amy M.
Sawyer, Thomas P. (b. ca. 1843) Kantrowitz, Arnie
Scandinavia, Whitman in Anderson, Carl L.
"Scented Herbage of My Breast" (1860) Martin, Robert K.
Scholarship, Trends in Whitman Killingsworth, M. Jimmie
Schyberg, Frederik (1905–1950) Miller, David G.
Science Scholnick, Robert J.
Scott, Sir Walter (1771–1832) Taft, Vickie L.
Sculptors and Sculpture Bohan, Ruth L.
"Sea-Drift" (1881) Wohlpart, A. James
Sea, The Kuebrich, David
Self-Reviews of the 1855 Leaves, Whitman's Anonymous Killingsworth, M. Jimmie
Sentimentality Kete, Mary Louise
Sequel To Drum-Taps (1865) Mancuso, Luke
Sex and Sexuality Miller, James E., Jr.
"Shadow and the Light of a Young Man's Soul, The" (1848) McGuire, Patrick
Shakespeare, William (1564–1616) McBride, Phyllis
"Shakspere-Bacon's Cipher" (1891) Collmer, Robert G.
Shephard, Esther (1891–1975) Rachman, Stephen
"Shirval: A Tale of Jerusalem" (1845) McGuire, Patrick
Short Fiction [1841–1848] Cohen, Matt
"Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim, A" (1865) Schwiebert, John E.
Simpson, Louis (1923–2012) Schneider, Steven P.
"Sketch, A" (1842) Huang, Guiyou
Slang Southard, Sherry
"Slang in America" (1885) Dressman, Michael R.
Slavery and Abolitionism Klammer, Martin
"Sleepers, The"(1855) Hatlen, Burton
Smith, Alexander (ca. 1830–1867) Cooper, Stephen A.
Smith, Logan Pearsall (1865–1946) Davey, Christina
Smith, Robert Pearsall (1827–1898) Davey, Christina
Smuts, Jan Christian (1870–1950) Richardson, D. Neil
"So Long!" (1860) Hatlen, Burton
Society for the Suppression of Vice Andriano, Joseph
"Some Fact-Romances" (1845) McGuire, Patrick
"Sometimes with One I Love"(1860) Chandran, K. Narayana
"Song at Sunset" (1860) Butler, Frederick J.
"Song for Occupations, A" (1855) Hatlen, Burton
"Song of Joys, A" (1860) Dietrich, Deborah
'Song of Myself' [1855] Miller, James E., Jr.
"Song of Prudence" (1856) Barton, Gay
"Song of the Answerer" (1881) Hatlen, Burton
"Song of the Banner at Daybreak" (1865) Hatlen, Burton
"Song of the Broad-Axe" (1856) Hatlen, Burton
'Song of the Exposition' [1871] Wolfe, Karen
"Song of the Open Road" (1856) Aspiz, Harold
"Song of the Redwood-Tree" (1874) Olson, Steven
"Song of the Rolling Earth, A" (1856) Hatlen, Burton
"Song of the Universal" (1876) Knapp, Ronald W.
"Songs of Parting" (1871) Rieke, Susan
Soul, The Kuebrich, David
South, The American Huffstetler, Edward W.
Space Olson, Steven
Spain and Spanish America, Whitman in Zapata-Whelan, Carol M.
"Sparkles from the Wheel" (1871) Nelson, Howard
Specimen Days [1882] Hutchinson, George and David Drews
Speed, Attorney General James (1812–1887) Hatch, Frederick
"Spirit That Form'd This Scene" (1881) Oates, David
"Spirit whose Work is Done" (1865–1866) Gilbert, Sheree L.
Spontaneity Huffstetler, Edward W.
"Spontaneous Me" (1856) Mullins, Maire
St. Louis, Missouri McWilliams, Jim
Stafford, George and Susan M. Miller, David G.
Stafford, Harry Lamb [1858-1918] Kantrowitz, Arnie
"Starting from Paumanok" (1860) Marki, Ivan
Stedman, Edmund Clarence (1833–1908) Yannella, Donald
Stevens, Oliver (b. 1825) Hammond, Joseph P.
Stevens, Wallace (1879–1955) Moore, Andy J.
Stevenson, Robert Louis (1850–1894) Smith, Sherwood
Stoddard, Charles Warren (1843–1909) Andriano, Joseph
Stoddard, Richard Henry (1825–1903) Hynes, Jennifer A.
Stoicism Hutchinson, George
Style and Technique(s) Warren, James Perrin
"Supplement Hours" (1891) Round, Phillip H.
Swedenborg, Emanuel (1688–1772) Ladd, Andrew
Swinburne, Algernon Charles (1837–1909) Kozlowski, Alan E.
Swinton, John (1829–1901) Yannella, Donald
Swinton, William (1833–1892) Southard, Sherry and Sharron Sims
Symbolism Cederstrom, Lorelei
Symonds, John Addington [1840–1893] Higgins, Andrew C.
Tammany Hall Green, Charles B.
Taylor, Bayard (1825–1878) Gould, Mitch
Taylor, Father (Edward Thompson) (1793–1871) Jellicorse, John Lee
Teaching of Whitman's Works Kummings, Donald D.
Technology Mulcaire, Terry
Temperance Movement Hynes, Jennifer A.
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord (1809–1892) Sanfilip, Thomas
"That Music Always Round Me" (1860) King, Jerry F.
Thayer, William Wilde [1829–1896] and Charles W. Eldridge [1837–1903] Donlon, David Breckenridge
Theaters and Opera Houses Meyer, Susan M.
'There Was a Child Went Forth' [1855] Aspiz, Harold
"These I Singing in Spring" (1860) Sienkiewicz, Conrad M.
"This Compost" (1856) Aspiz, Harold
Thoreau, Henry David [1817–1862] Roberson, Susan L.
"Thou Mother with Thy Equal Brood" (1872) Losey, Jay
"Thou Orb Aloft Full-Dazzling" (1881) Baldwin, David B.
"Thought of Columbus, A" (1892) Stuckey-French, Ned
Timber Creek Nelson, Howard
Time Matteson, John T.
"To One Shortly to Die" (1860) Freund, Julian B.
"To Rich Givers" (1860) Mullins, Maire
"To Soar in Freedom and in Fullness of Power" (1897) Faries, Nathan C.
"To Thee Old Cause" (1871) Duggar, Margaret H.
"To Think of Time" (1855) Kahn, Sholom J.
"To You [whoever you are...]" (1856) Mulcaire, Terry
"To a Certain Civilian" (1865) Freund, Julian B.
"To a Common Prostitute" (1860) Sarracino, Carmine
"To a Foil'd European Revolutionaire" (1856) Oates, David
"To a Historian" (1860) Harris, Maverick Marvin
"To a Locomotive in Winter" (1876) Andriano, Joseph
"To a President" (1860) Hirschhorn, Bernard
"To a Stranger" (1860) Martin, Robert K.
"To a Western Boy" (1860) McWilliams, Jim
"To the Garden the World" (1860) Schwiebert, John E.
"To the Leaven'd Soil They Trod" (1865–1866) Olson, Steven
"To the States" (1860) Dacey, Philip
"To the States, To Identify the 16th, 17th, or 18th Presidentiad" (1860) Smeller, Carl
"To the Sun-Set Breeze" (1890) Baldwin, David B.
"Tomb Blossoms, The" (1842) McGuire, Patrick
Trall, Dr. Russell Thacher (1812–1877) Aspiz, Harold
"Tramp and Strike Questions, The" (1882) Rachman, Stephen
Transcendentalism Asselineau, Roger
Traubel, Horace L. [1858–1919] Folsom, Ed
Travels, Whitman's Field, Jack
Treasurer's Office, Solicitor of the Gill, Jonathan
"Trickle Drops" (1860) Smeller, Carl
Triggs, Oscar Lovell (1865–1930) Tyrer, Patricia J.
Trowbridge, John Townsend (1827–1916)) Rachman, Stephen
Tupper, Martin Farquhar (1810–1889) Gibson, Brent L.
Two Rivulets, Author's Edition [1876] Keuling-Stout, Frances E.
Tyndale, Hector (1821–1880) Kohn, Denise
Tyndale, Sarah Thorn [1792–1859] Kohn, Denise
"Unfolded Out of the Folds" (1856) Aspiz, Harold
"Unseen Buds" (1891) Huang, Guiyou
Van Velsor, Cornelius (1768–1837) Bawcom, Amy M.
Van Velsor, Naomi [Amy] Williams [d. 1826] Bawcom, Amy M.
Vaughan, Frederick B. [ca. 1837-1893] Shively, Charley
Views on Education Hirschhorn, Bernard
"Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night" (1865) Lulloff, William G.
Volney, Constantin (1757–1820) Smith, Sherwood
Wallace, James William [1853–1926] Griffin, Larry D.
Walt Whitman's Blue Book Golden, Arthur
Warren, Samuel (1807–1877) Cooper, Stephen A.
Washington, D.C. [1863–1873] Murray, Martin G.
Washington, George (1732–1799) Pannapacker, William A.
"We Two Boys Together Clinging" (1860) Smeller, Carl
"We Two, How Long We were Fool'd" (1860) Klawitter, George
Wells, Samuel Roberts (1820–1875) Stern, Madeleine B.
West Jersey Press Matteson, John T.
West, The American Albin, C.D.
Westminster Review, The Barcus, James E., Jr.
Wharton, Edith (1862–1937) Singley, Carol J.
"What Think You I Take My Pen in Hand?" (1860) Martin, Robert K.
"When I Heard at the Close of the Day" (1860) Raleigh, Richard
"When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer" (1865) Folsom, Ed
"When I Read the Book" (1867) Huang, Guiyou
'When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd' [1865] French, R.W.
Whigs Hatch, Frederick
"Whispers of Heavenly Death" (1868) Olson, Steven
"Whispers of Heavenly Death" (cluster) (1871) Olson, Steven
White, William (1910–1995) Kummings, Donald D.
Whitman (Heyde), Hannah Louisa (d. 1908) Garrett, Paula K.
Whitman (Van Nostrand), Mary Elizabeth (b. 1821) Garrett, Paula K.
Whitman, Andrew Jackson (1827–1863) Murray, Martin G.
Whitman, Edward (1835–1892) Waldron, Randall
Whitman, George Washington Murray, Martin G.
Whitman, Hannah Brush (1753–1834) Kohn, Denise
Whitman, Jesse (brother) (1818–1870) Rietz, John
Whitman, Jesse W. (grandfather) (1749–1803) Miller, David G.
Whitman, Louisa Orr Haslam (Mrs. George) (1842–1892) Wolfe, Karen
Whitman, Louisa Van Velsor [1795–1873] Ceniza, Sherry
Whitman, Martha ("Mattie") Mitchell (1836–1873) Waldron, Randall
Whitman, Nancy Whitt, Jan
Whitman, Thomas Jefferson [1833–1890] Waldron, Randall
Whitman, Walter, Sr. [1789–1855] Rietz, John
Whittier, John Greenleaf (1807–1892) Rechel-White, Julie A.
"Who Learns My Lesson Complete?" (1855) Chandran, K. Narayana
"Whoever You are Holding Me Now in Hand" (1860) Martin, Robert K.
"Wild Frank's Return" (1841) McGuire, Patrick
Wilde, Oscar [1854–1900] Raleigh, Richard
Williams, Captain John Cooper, Stephen A.
Williams, Talcott (1849–1928) Leon, Philip W.
Williams, William Carlos (1883–1963) Gutman, Huck
Willis, Nathaniel Parker (1806–1867) Garvey, T. Gregory
Wilmot Proviso (1846) Klammer, Martin
"With Husky-Haughty Lips, O Sea!" (1884) Baldwin, David B.
"Woman Waits for Me, A" (1856) Mullins, Maire
Woman's Rights Movement and Whitman, The Ceniza, Sherry
Women as a Theme in Whitman's Writing Ceniza, Sherry
"World Below the Brine, The" (1860) Wohlpart, A. James
Worthington, Richard (1834–1894) Miller, David G.
"Wound-Dresser, The" (1865) Aspiz, Harold
Wright, Frances (Fanny) (1795–1852) Hynes, Jennifer A.
Wright, James (1927–1980) Folsom, Ed
"Year of Meteors (1859–60)" (1865) Oates, David
"Year That Trembled and Reel'd Beneath Me" (1865) Fulton, Joe Boyd
"Yonnondio" (1887) Folsom, Ed
"You Lingering Sparse Leaves of Me" (1887) Baldwin, David B.
Young America Movement Yannella, Donald
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