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Literary Manuscripts

Manuscript Images and Descriptions

Integrated Catalog of Walt Whitman's Literary Manuscripts

The Integrated Catalog combines the catalogs of each repository, describing all of Whitman's literary manuscripts, organized around the concept of Whitman's "works."

Catalogs of Manuscripts at Individual Repositories

Catalogs of Whitman's literary manuscripts at over fifty archival repositories. The catalogs provide detailed item-level information about these particular manuscripts and access to images of the manuscripts, if available.


Here you will find transcriptions and page images of Whitman's poetry and prose manuscripts. Work on the manuscripts is ongoing. You may also view an older, HTML transcription with page images of Whitman's sequence of love poems, "Live Oak, with Moss".


This section of the Archive offers access to some of Whitman’s fascinating and highly complicated notebooks, some with full transcriptions.

Marginalia and Annotations

This section contains transcriptions and page images of several hundred manuscript reading notes that Whitman wrote, often in the margins of other texts.

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