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Wednesday, July 16, 1890

     5:40 P.M. W. writing in note-book. Looked very well, flushed. Spoke brightly; fanned himself. "Isn't this the hottest ever was?" he asked smilingly, adding that he stood it very well. Had opened entire shirt front; sleeves were rolled up.

     I did not stay but for a little while: say, 10 to 15 minutes. When I left, he gave me paper to mail to Jeff.

     Showed him Harper's Weekly and [Harper's] Young People; pictures of which, and "Personals" of former, he examined intently. Asked me about Thulstrup, who had drawing in former of Joseph H. Choate, saying, "If he can do such work as that there is hope for him. He is not to be sneezed away." Spoke of "the wonderful beauty of the pictures—all of them: they raise my wonder and admiration. What progress the fellows make in that direction! Sometimes I think more than in any other!" And said of some delicate drawings of W. H. Gibson, "They are delicate to the vanishing point—they cast a spell over me."


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