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Tuesday, March 17, 1891

     7:55 P.M. Took W. remaining set of pages of poems. He was much pleased. We discussed somewhat technical matters pertaining to the book. He was very ready to listen to some of my objections, and deferred to them. I showed him letter—this—from Ingersoll this morning:
Mar. 16, '91

My dear Mr. Traubel

Come and see me on Saturday evening, or on Sunday. Always glad to see you.

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Hope that you are well and happy and that the Poet's "jocund heart is still beating in his breast."

With regards to both,

Yours always,

R. G. Ingersoll

He read it with delight, his face showing every sign of pleasure. "What a noble free hand it is—like the flight of the bird—the sweep of the eagle. It is the man, out and out." Then, "I am glad you seem to have decided to go: it is a part of your life to know, see, such a man." Said he had received letter from Kennedy yesterday—sending it to Bucke. "It contained nothing new—yet was happy, too." I received copy of the Bolton Daily Chronicle from Johnston this morning, containing account of Johnston's photograph lecture—with allusions to Walt. W. said, "I, too, had one. What delicious loyal fellows they are!" I remarked, "Are not all your friends characteristically loyal, devoted, once you have come to know each other—had the final recognition?" He smiled, "I have an idea you are right: I have wondered if I was not the most fortunate man of all!"

     How did he feel? "Not good—bad, rather—almost as bad as ever." Then I plied him direct, "Wouldn't this be a good time to bring in a doctor?" He responded, "No doubt it would." Then I urged and urged, he weakening quite along, till finally I mentioned Longaker (Philadelphia), W. asking, "Do you think he would like to come?" I shall definitely ask W. tomorrow (I meet Longaker at reception) and try to make arrangements.


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