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Friday, April 10, 1891

     7:55 P.M. W. greeted me at once with, "The Truth is here at last!" and laughed and exhibited to me the proofs of "actors and singers" piece. We had long waited. He has inserted probably as much as is printed. "Not bad—all in all," he remarked. What? "Oh! I mean the piece—it mainly satisfies me, especially in its new shape—that is, with the new matter. I had intended sending it over to you today by Warren, but he was not here." I left some new proofs with him. He says he has a letter from Bucke, "but it is way too vague—a dull repetition." Gave him the new two-dollar bills he asked for. Said to me, "I am looking about the room, trying to collect everything that bears my marks together, to include—bank—in this volume. Every day almost some little squib turns up." "After an Interval" laid aside from page 44. "It may go in somewhere else, or nowhere, if no place is found." I said, "That poem is subject to great vicissitudes," which made him laugh. Has changed headline of "actors" piece from "Old Actors and Singers, Flitting Mention by Walt Whitman" to "Old actors, singers, shows, etc., in New York. Flitting mention (with much left out)."

     Alluded to the "courtesy" of Youth's Companion editors.

     As to Truth piece had this to say, "My additions better it—though they are for the book, not for the paper. But these editors make the most of the case—spread the matter out, as you see, with, I confess, a certain artistic, ornate beauty, too." He remarked that "Harned comes in but rarely now—about once in ten days, I should say." And then, "I have a telegram from O'Donovan, saying he would be back in Camden Monday. And I

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wonder what will come of it?"
Would it be a failure? "We must wait and see. The chances are, that it will, but there's no way to be certain of failure except through trial."


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