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Sunday, May 3, 1891

     4:50 P.M. To W.'s for a short space—finding him looking well after his dinner—inclined to be frank and easy in his talk. Had not looked finally over contents pages but was willing to let me have them as they were—merely debating with me whether to use small caps or Roman letters. Wrote for me in a large hand also what he thought should go on title-page, viz.: "GoodBye My Fancy 2d Annex to LofG". Did he propose to put his name on title-page? No. Then I argued, "LofG" should be spelled out, to convey necessary meaning to the world at large. He admitted this—took up his pen and completed the line. Not decided yet if to put himself or McKay down as publisher, or neither—so for the present no name is there.

     I left Scribner's with him. Last night he had expressed curiosity to read "Shakespeare as Actor"—one of its papers. Alluded to "the flitting beauty of the day"—the showers (light) and repeated shifts from cloud to sunshine. He believed he was "a shade of a suspicion better," though going on to say, "I have stopped the pills again. I have no doubt I should not have done

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it. Longaker said they had nothing at all to do with my depression, but I stopped them today. Last night was an awful one. My sleep didn't amount to a small coin. My belly kept me awake—yes, awake and awake—which is unusual, for in my own way, as a usual thing, I sleep some and sleep that some well."
And then, "But I have just had my dinner—and ate heartily—and took a couple of swallows of the wine. Oh! The wine is good—it goes to the right spot every time! We've certainly got the genuine article." I asked if he had thought there was a "cut" in the Truth piece? "I had the suspicion there was, but have no way to prove it." I shall look up the copy.


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