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Sunday, November 8, 1891

     Did not see W. today. Several notes left out yesterday. Spoke tenderly of Wallace and of his trip and some hope that "things would all go right." Curiously always addresses Gilbert as "Sir." Room fearfully hot, and when I remarked it, W. said, "I am not in the least conscious of it." No doubt was not. Warrie said last night, "He had his room so hot, and it made me so drowsy, that I almost fell asleep while I was rubbing him."

     W. said to me of Young, "I would get to know him. He is a healthy influence—a fine specimen, every way, with instincts of a man. I find myself having a warm pull for such men." He described Major Pond to me as "large, of a more or less impressive look," but demonstrated no warmth. Remarked Arnold's description of the Japanese, "Perhaps the most important fact in that connection is Young's agreement: John has fully as warm an admiration of the Japanese as Arnold."


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