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"Leaves of Grass"

"Leaves of Grass."

We believe that literary folk will be glad that Walt Whitman has found his publisher, and that the interests of American literature, which owes a good deal to Walt Whitman, will be regarded by the publication of all of his poems. Not a single one should be omitted, as all are needed to indicate the measure of his genius and to preserve the harmony between his purpose and his accomplishment. We believe that this harmony expresses a deep religious feeling. There is no immorality in Walt Whitman, or in his poetry, to the reader who has poetic instinct and poetic insight with that imagination and studious penetration which the correct reading of true poetry always implies. Poetry does not require metre, rhythm, or any particular form for its expression; poetry has an unlimited range of all subjects, and the right to treat them in its own way; poetry always has an ulterior and worthly purpose, to which its expression is only a mode of approach; poetry demands of its readers understanding, imagination and fancy. This book is an American classic.

[Leaves of Grass By Walt Whitman. Philadelphia, Rees, Welsh & Co. Price, $2.]
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