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Review of Franklin Evans

Too long have the rapture, the inspiration, the joys of the wine-cup, been the theme of Romance and Poem; it is time that the paint were stripped from the face of the foul hag, Alcohol, and that her native hideousness and horror should stand revealed to a shuddering world. Especially is this desirable for the sake of our Youth, many of whom grow up in a happy but perilous ignorance of the snares which lurk beneath the smiling surface of the intoxicating bowl. The true nature of the subtle poison should be made known in every possible manner; and as Literature and Romance have aided to corrupt, so should they aid to cleanse and purify. This work is well calculated to aid in hastening such a consummation; and to the friends of Temperance, for the good it must effect; to the novel-reader for its exciting scenes, and to all for its intrinsic interest and worth, we heartily commend it. It is published in a mammoth New-World, so as to be available at newspaper postage, and sold at barely 12½cents. Shall it not be widely circulated? There are thousands who will read a novel who would not touch a Temperance tract or periodical, and many villages in which a few copies would do silently the work of an efficient Lecturer. Give it a trial.

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