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The Aristidean

The Aristidean,

Is the title of a new candidate for public favor—A Magazine of Reviews, Politics, and Light Literature, Edited by Thomas Dunn English—the first number of which, for March, has been handed us by the Editor. It is to appear monthly, in numbers of 80 pages, octavo, at Five Dollars per ann. in advance—Four copies for $15; six for $25; and ten for $30.

The number before us presents a fair appearance—not so good, however, as it should, typographically, for a work of its pretensions and price. In politics we judge it thoroughly Democratic, and Texas to the teeth! But with its politics we have little concern. There is one feature of it which we are pleased to see—it takes a decided stand for the abolition of the Death-penalty. There are two articles in the number before us, having a bearing on this subject. Severe they are, we admit, but is it more than the severity of Truth? We would give our readers an opportunity to judge of one, the prose article, in this connexion, had we room; but have not—will try next week. The argument of the article is predicated on the supposed truth of modern orthodoxy; and severely does it handle the defence of the Gallows.

We have had opportunity for but a cursory examination of the number; but among the lighter articles we observe a sweet sketch—Shirval; a Tale of Jerusalem—embodying the touching incident of the Widow of Nain.1 We shall take occasion to look into the work further.

The Aristidean is published by Lane & Co. 304 Broadway, New York, to whom all business matters should be addressed.


1. This reference to Whitman's "Shirval; a Tale of Jerusalem" appeared in the inaugural issue of The Aristidean, a New York literary magazine that only published one volume (no. 1-6). [back]

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