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Walt Whitman to Teunis G. Bergen, 15 January 1849

 bhs.00001.001_large.jpg T. G. Bergen, Esq: Dear Sir:

It would be a great obligation to me, if you would present the enclosed bill and start it on its passage, so that I could get my pay as quickly as possible.—For, like most printers, I am horribly in need of cash.—

Do, my dear sir, oblige me, in this matter, if possible.

Yours truly Walter Whitman

Teunis G. Bergen (1806–1881) was a Brooklyn official acquainted with Whitman. Bergen was a member of the 241st regiment of the New York State militia, where he achieved the rank of Colonel. Trained as a surveyor, Bergen enjoyed a succesful career in the field before turning to politics. He served on the Kings County Board of Supervisors as the Supervisor of New Utrecht for twenty-three years (1836–1859). In 1864, Bergen was elected to the United States House of Representatives as a Democrat. He held this office until 1867.

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