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Walt Whitman to Elizabeth & Isabella Ford and Edward R. Pease, 28 May [1884]


—Your kind message received. I am as usual & in good heart.2

Walt Whitman  bol_ch.00002_large.jpg

Isabella Ford (1855–1924) was an English feminist, socialist, and writer. Elizabeth (Bessie) Ford was her sister. Both were introduced to Whitman's writings by Edward Carpenter and they quickly became admirers of Whitman.

Edward Reynolds Pease (1857–1955) was an English writer and a founding member of the Fabian Society.


  • 1. This postcard is addressed: Bessie Ford, Isabella Ford and Edward R Pease | 5 Hyde Park Mansions | London nw England. It is postmarked: CAMDEN | MAY 28 | 4PM | 1884 | N.J. ; LONDON S.W. | JU 9 | 84. [back]
  • 2. Elizabeth Ford wrote to Whitman on February 16, 1875: "Your words that you have written are such a strength, it is so wonderful to find said, things that hover in one. I mean, to read things that one's heart cries out in answer to. This is what makes me so that I cannot help writing to you." Her picture, inscribed June 20, 1877, is in the Charles E. Feinberg Collection, Library of Congress, Washington D.C. Whitman sent Leaves of Grass and Specimen Days to Isabella on October 11, 1882, and to Elizabeth on June 27, 1883 (Whitman's Commonplace Book). For Pease, see the letter from Whitman to Edward R. Pease of August 21, 1883. [back]
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