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Sail out for good? for aye, O mystic yacht!


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Overwritten brown with strikethrough
Added inline purple with double underline
Uncertain gray with wavy underline
Supplied from another source turquoise with brackets
Metamark green with triple underline
Long deletion gray background with top and bottom border
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Sail forth out for good ? for aye, ? O mystic yacht! of me

Heave the anchor short, Raise main-sail and jib—steer out forth, ? for aye O little white-hull'd sloop,now for the truly to ? speed take me truly really  
 on to deep waters
Now, now to thy divinest venture (I will not call it my our concluding voyage, [illegible] But outset and sure entrance to the truest,  
 best, maturest,)
In perfect faith—Depart ^for good!! ^depart ^from ? solid earth——no more returning  
 to these shores,
Now, ^henceforth starting on now, for good, upon thy our great divinest ? infinite  
 venture sail! sailing, starting,
Spurning all yet known ports, seas, grav-  
Sail forth out, in perfect faith ^for good for aye O mystic yacht of me.
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