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Walt Whitman to Unidentified Correspondent, 18 April 1887

 brn.00003.001_large.jpg Dear Sir

Yes—I have a couple of the two Vol. edition (Leaves of Grass and Two Rivulets) and will sell one of them— the price is $10—

A photo-lith portrait (I sell for the benefit of the Orphan Home here) is $11

If you send for them, please send me p o order here—& please give your full address—

Walt Whitman  brn.00003.002_large.jpg

As yet we have no information about this correspondent.


  • 1. Walt Whitman's entry in his notebook (Daybooks and Notebooks [1978], 3 vols., ed. by William White) for November 17, 1876, reads: "commented furnishing Children's Home Matron with the pictures, (& selling some myself) for the benefit of the orphans" (48). Walt Whitman gave signed copies of the Pearsall photograph to the Camden Children's Home on Haddon Avenue to sell for $1.00 each. See "The Poet Aids an Orphanage," Walt Whitman Review 6 (September 1960), 58–59. [back]
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