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Textual Feature Appearance
Whitman's hand blue double overline and underline
Highlighting yellow background with top and bottom border
Paste-on gray box with black borders
Laid in white box with black borders
Erasure white text with dark gray background
Overwritten brown with strikethrough
[begin surface 1]


Time first began to be computed from "the Christian era," (the birth of Christ.) about the year 536 [begin surface 2] Moses of course was born in Egypt, while the Jews were settled, ^descendants and companions of Joseph and companions. as as a sort of half captive, and degraded race there—^Moses born in 1571 B.C. Queens reigned in Egypt, and governed absolutely. Sesostris, Ramses 2d, 1355 B.C. reigned over 62 years. He partitioned the land among the peasants, and compounded [illegible] them to pay a fixed tax to him. [begin surface 3] [begin surface 4]
y'rs B.C.
Birth of Hercules 1205
Death of Hercules 1153
Trojan expedition 1136
Troy taken 1127
very unsatisfactory previous to 776 B.C. when the Greek Olympiads commence [begin surface 5]
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