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Francis A. Walker to Walt Whitman, 1871

 duk.00136.001.jpg Ninth Census of the United States. Department of the Interior, Census Office, Dear Sir:—

I found myself unable to prepare the statement you requested in season for the mail of last evening.

I find the number of persons, male and female, in the United States and the District of Columbia, respectively, between the ages of 5 and 20 (both inclusive) to be as follows:

The United States males 7,253,306
females 7,238,851
Total 14,512,157
District of Columbia males 20,000
females 23,637
Total 43,637

I would add a calculation as to the number of persons annually entering this class (five to twenty) in the United States, but that my friend Mr. Elliott, chief  duk.00136.002.jpg clerk of the Bureau of Statistics, who is much better qualified than myself for such computations, has promised to make the calculation and to furnish you the results. I have accordingly sent to him the data required.

Very truly yours F A Walker Acting Superintendent Walt Whitman, Esq. Department of Justice
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