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Textual Feature Appearance
Whitman's hand blue double overline and underline
Highlighting yellow background with top and bottom border
Paste-on gray box with black borders
Laid in white box with black borders
Erasure white text with dark gray background
Overwritten brown with strikethrough
[begin surface 1] [begin surface 2] "Lecture" "law" "lex" "lux" light? Alcoran, signifies law Lecture (lectio Latin—to read Originally laws were promulged by word of mouth to the people. [begin surface 3]


—The proportion of the world's population who are Pagans is nearly 1 in 2; Mahommedans, about 1 in 7; Catholics, nearly one in 8; Protestants, about 1 in 15; Greek Church, 1 in 18; Jews, about 1 in 100 of the whole population.

[begin surface 4] (Bunsen) 
  Abrahamic movement
28th or 29th Century before Christ.
[begin surface 5] Buddhism was the State religion of India from the 3d century before to the 6th century after Christ. [begin surface 6] "Tien" "Tin" the ?a Chinese name for the Divinity 
[begin surface 7]
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