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Textual Feature Appearance
Whitman's hand blue double overline and underline
Highlighting yellow background with top and bottom border
Paste-on gray box with black borders
Laid in white box with black borders
Erasure white text with dark gray background
Overwritten brown with strikethrough
[begin surface 1]

Egyptian religion

existing in nascence or developement through many thousand years five, or ten, or perhaps even twice ten thousand years The central idea seems to have been the wonderfulness and divinity of Life,. exemplified in any object, a The be beetle, a the bull, athe snipe were divine in that they exemplified the inexplicable mystery of life.—It was a pro‑ 
  found and exquisite religion


existing through several thousand years— certainly th two thousand —very likely several more Central idea, a combination of Love, Intellect, and the Esthetic, (the beautiful and harmonious,)—A rRefined perceptions, the presence of perfect human bodies, the climate, the singular developed peculiar adhesiveness ^or friendship of the people, all are in the Greek mythology


The most ethereal and elevated Spirituality—this seems to be the what subordinates all the rest—The soul—the spirit— rising in vagueness—
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