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Walt Whitman to Henry M. Alden, 2 November 1873

Editor Harper's Magazine, Dear Sir,

I offer the "Song of the Redwood Tree," herewith, for your consideration for the Magazine. The price is $100. If accepted send me a proof here when put in type. If not available would you do me the favor to return the MS. by mail without delay?

Walt Whitman.

I reserve the right to print the piece in future book.


  • 1. Since Alden's acceptance of this poem is unmistakably dated November 1, 1873 (Clifton Waller Barrett Collection, University of Virginia), either the date of this letter (which may be a draft) or of Alden's is incorrect. The poem appeared in the February 1874 edition of Harper's New Monthly Magazine. Alden (1836–1919) was managing editor of Harper's Weekly from 1863 to 1869 and editor of Harper's New Monthly Magazine from 1869 until his death. [back]
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