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(Independent & Chinese)


Textual Feature Appearance
Whitman's hand blue double overline and underline
Highlighting yellow background with top and bottom border
Paste-on gray box with black borders
Laid in white box with black borders
Erasure white text with dark gray background
Overwritten brown with strikethrough
[begin surface 1] (Independent & Chinese) Tartary—the belly of Asia, (one third of that continent) from the Caspian sea to the Pacific.— —Anciently called Scythia Souther​ part—Parthia —From this region sprang Zinghis Khan, a Mongol chief, 1226 A.D. —and, ravaging, stretched his empire— —Tamerlane, (1400 a.D.) in time his successor.) He extended his rule to Hindostan, founding the Mogul rule there which terminated 1803 ☞ From Tartary must have issued the Goths Celts, Goths, &c.—The The Turks also [begin surface 2]
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