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[begin surface 1]
  • Africa

  • (The Equator—on itin Africa the Guineas, Ethiopia—Zanguebar—Liberia only a little north—the Gaboon coast
  • the ^high long ranged linked ridged interminable ridged Mountains of the Moon, just north of the Equator, and running from east and west—2000 miles 3 miles high
  • Capes,
    • Cape Verde, the westernmost cape of the continent of Africa, on the coast of Senegambia not far north of Liberia
    • Cape of Good Hope, southern extremity
    • Cape Guardafui, eastern, lat. 10 north, point dividing the Indian ocean from the Red sea.
    • Cape Bon, northernmost, (coast of Tunis) in the Mediterranean
    • Cape Bajadore, on the desert, western extremity.
  • Isthmus of Suez
  • Seas
    • —the Red sea
    • —The ^good‑breathed ^aired ^fresh‑sunned Mediterranean, and from one to another of its islands
    • —Gulf of Guinea
  • Straits of Gibraltar
  • small Islands off the western coast, and large islands ^(Madagascars) off the eastern coast.
  • Mountains
    • —Mts of the Moon—
    • Snow Mts, southern part Africa, in Cape Colony.
    • Red Mts Madagascar
[begin surface 2] [begin surface 3] R
  • Africa

  • Cape of Good Hope (8550 miles from New York
    • Rivers—in Africa

    • ^the Niger 2300 miles
    • the Congo, (1000 miles or more, emptying into the Atlantic through Lower Guinea
    • The Nile The white black black and venerable ^vast mother, the Nile,
    • White River, away down in Ethiopia, emptying in the Nile
    • Senegal, 900 miles, emptying into the Atlantic through Senegambia
    • Orange River, (Cape Colony)
  • People,
    • Caffres, southern extremity of Africa— of Caffaria—
    • M Nubians, below Egypt, (the Nile runs through it—
    • Liberians, ("free Liberians") the new colony—only a little north of the equator
    • Fezzanese, of Fezzan a province northern part of Africa, a little from the Mediterranean.—
    • Ashantees, in Guinea just north of the equator, west side
    • Booushuanas of South Africa, probably the same as Hottentots
    • Foulahs (in Senegambia, west coast, 10th deg lati
    • Berbers, of Berbera, (a city same name,) province ^close on the eEquator, eastern shore of Africa
    • Abyssinians, ^a large fine formed race, of Abyssinia, black, athletic, fine heads, (City Gondar) Abyssinia a province west coast of Africa, f bordering partly on the Red Sea, partly on the Indian Ocean
    • Barcanese, of Barca on the Mediterranean,
    • Soudanese, 7,000,000 of Soudan
    • Ethiopians, quite entirely inland on and mostly below the equator—a country of & doubtless of hot‑breathed winds airs and exhalations cities, ignorance, enti altogether unenlightened and unexplored
    • Fellahtas, on the Niger river, in Soudan 10 deg north equator
[begin surface 4]
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