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Scythia (as Used by the Greeks)


Textual Feature Appearance
Whitman's hand blue double overline and underline
Highlighting yellow background with top and bottom border
Paste-on gray box with black borders
Laid in white box with black borders
Erasure white text with dark gray background
Overwritten brown with strikethrough
[begin surface 1]


(as used by the Greeks) —the northern part of Europe & Asia —the people thereof "Kelts" viz (woods‑men (These were descendamts​ from the same ancestors as the Greeks & Romans themselves.) —another name of the above the "Umbri" —The Celtic, Teutonic & Gothic races are all of Japhetic stock Sarmatia ancient Russia & Poland ? "the Teutonic Races, originally from Persia" —"then the inhabitants of India, and the descendants of the Keltic and Teutonic nations, are all of one family, and must all have migrated from one country, after the separation of the nations of the —Whether that country was Persia, or Cashmir, or a country farther east, is not easily determined—but it seems that, accordingly, the white man of Europe and the tawny man of India have a common ancestry. [begin surface 2]
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