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is rougher than it was


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is rougher than it hwas on Michigan or Huron: (on St. Clair it was smooth as glass;) and our boat rolls a little.—Whether it be from this cause, I don't know, but I feel rather unwell.—The day is bright and dry, with a stiff head wind.—We shall doubtless be in Buffalo this evening.—I anticipate a great deal of pleasure in viewing the the Falls of Niagara.—(By Wednesday night I expect to be home.)

The water of Lake Erie looksed like Michigan, the morning we started out of Chicago—that bright, lively, blue color, so beautiful and rare.—

We arrived in Buffalo on Monday evening, spent that night and a portion of the next day in examining the place.—In the morning of the next day, got in the cars and went out to Niagara.—Great God! what a sight!—We went under the Falls, saw the whirlpool, and all the other things, including the suspension bridge.—

On Tuesday evening we started for Albany; and travelled all night.—From the time daylight afforded us a view of the country, found it very rich and well cultivated.—Every few miles there were large towns and villages.—

On Wednesday evening arrived in Albany.—Spent the evening in loitering about; there was a political meeting (Hunker,) at the Capitol, but we passed it by.—

Next morning started down the Hudson in the Alida.—Never before did I look upon such grand and varied scenery.—Arrived about 5 o'clock in Brooklyn. Found all well.—

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