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It is the endless delusion


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It is the perpetual endless delusion of the big and little smouchers, of the at in all their varieties, circumstances and degre what-not of their greedines whether usurping the rule of an empire, or thieving a negro and selling him,—or slyly pocketing a roll of rolled ribbon from the counter whatever and whichever any of the ways in which ^that legislators, lawyers, and the priests and the educated ^and pious, classes, under the prefer certain ^political a advantages to themselves, over equal the vast armies retinues of the poor the laboring, ignorant men, black men, sinners, and so on—to suppose that they have succeded when the documents are signed and sealed, and they enter in possession of their gains.—^These Shallow Ddriblets ? of a ? day! ! you open are worse ^shallower less in your their high success, than the lowest dullest of those you have the visions people they would overtopped.—I If there be Whatever it be, liberty wea or wealth or knowledge privilege

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The noble soul sternly always steadily rejects any any any liberty or favor that or privilege of or wealth that is not equall open on the same terms to every other man and every other woman on the face of the

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