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Municipal legislation


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Municipal legislation, inviting examples from in high place, is always inclined to be too meddlesome, and be perpetually multiplying ordinances, and restricting and The best govern

I recommend the entire abolition of the whole entire system of licenses ^or special permits for any business, whatever. no matter what. tr down (—Whatever The control the City Government has over the operations buying business operations of the citizens must be by general laws, bearing equally upon all, and not by special laws, giving one man or set of men the privilege of engaging in any employment which the rest are prohibited from.)—(Every man and woman has the legal right ^free of any special tax or license to engage in any avocation or business whatever, without free of any special license; and responsible afterward to the authorities for any his or her malpractice—the cartman or drvier, for instance, when he obstructs the public street thoroughfares—the physician for any gross injuries to a patient—the tavernkeeper for habitu keeping any habitual nuisance or infringement on the decorum of the neighborhood

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