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the most definitely


Textual Feature Appearance
Overwritten brown with strikethrough
Added inline purple with double underline
Uncertain gray with wavy underline
Supplied from another source turquoise with brackets
Metamark green with triple underline
Long deletion gray background with top and bottom border
  [begin leaf 1 recto] [cut away] the most definitely [cut away] for p polished [cut away] [cut away] his poetry [cut away] is not indifferent does not ignore [cut away] of men, [cut away] dandyfied forms.— [cut away] and American [cut away] the last first degree, [cut away] through nature, [cut away] them in the [cut away]erence which [cut away] repeatable terrible license [cut away] not take the [cut away] in its secondary [cut away] universe. The [cut away] landscape painted [cut away] men and women [cut away] mannies and [cut away]ays, with heroism [cut away] is in print.— [cut away]te best they can that poetry [cut away]e of the universe [cut away] —painting Copies, [cut away] weeping after [cut away]   [begin leaf 1 verso]
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