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Yet far sweeps your road


Textual Feature Appearance
Overwritten brown with strikethrough
Added inline purple with double underline
Uncertain gray with wavy underline
Supplied from another source turquoise with brackets
Metamark green with triple underline
Long deletion gray background with top and bottom border
  [begin leaf 1 recto] ^ Yet far sweeps your road path, O O your path stretches far Martial constellation! far sweeps your stretches far your journey ever adding group!  
For O the prize I see at issue is the  
All its ships and shores I see  
 interwoven with your threads,  
 spotted cloth flag;
Dream'd again the flags of kings,  
 highest borne, to wave waft fly flaunt unrivall'd?
O destined hasten blue and silver! O with sure and  
 steady step, passing highest flags  
 of kings.
Walk supreme to the heavens, mighty  
 symbol—run up above them  
Dense starr'd bunting O your path stretches far, martial O to find your lazy seams, they  
 can turn and flap for carnage
O far, long, long your road,
  [begin leaf 1 verso]
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