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Walt Whitman to Herbert Gilchrist, 23 March [1878]

Dear Herby

Last night the best night for a week & I count on getting better now—only weakness very pronounced & general, & a little sickish—rheumatic pains in shoulder & wrist still present, but much modified—tell Bee I am wearing the flannel sleeve constantly—it was just about what I was wanting—

Herb, I hope you will lay on while your hand is in & finish the black & white drawing all up2—hope you will put in to-morrow some good licks, Lord willing—I am making great calculations about it—hope I shant be disappointed—

Love to all— Hope to be over Monday evening next— WW  loc.02165.001_large.jpg  loc.02165.002_large.jpg


  • 1. The envelope for this letter bears the address: Herbert Gilchrist | 1929 North 22d Street | Philadelphia. It is postmarked: Camden | Mar | 23 | N.J.; Philad'a, Pa. | Mar | 23 | 8 PM | Rec'd. [back]
  • 2. See the reference to Herbert's drawing of Whitman in the letter of March 8, 1878. Herbert visited Whitman on the following evening, and Mrs. Gilchrist called on March 27 (Whitman's Commonplace Book, Charles E. Feinberg Collection of the Papers of Walt Whitman,1839–1919, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.). [back]
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