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Certainties, Faith, Counterbalances, Alternation


Textual Feature Appearance
Overwritten brown with strikethrough
Added inline purple with double underline
Uncertain gray with wavy underline
Supplied from another source turquoise with brackets
Metamark green with triple underline
Long deletion gray background with top and bottom border
  [begin leaf 1 recto]

Certainties, Faith  

The body ^sluggish, old, The fires in em embers left of earlier fires The frozen winter clods —but —to them the spring  
 shall come
And heads With grass and leaves flowers and summer  
  branches green fruits and corn
The sun is ^now sinking low in the west de Shall rise again to morning and to noon The light in the eye grows dim—the  
 body blood all sluggish, old
  [begin leaf 1 verso]
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